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Despite the fact that it has over nineteen million people from forty different countries participating, the western media refuses to mention the Arba’een pilgrimage. The Arba’een pilgrimage is a religious gathering that is held after the forty days mourning period after Ashura. Although the Arba’een walk was forgotten and banned for periods of time, people still manage to be pilgrims of Imam Hussain (a.s) despite the threats that were thrown their way. However, the bravery and dedication of the pilgrims are just one of the reasons the Arba’een walk should be known throughout the world. Some other reasons include, the media being too involved with negative, gory, and sensationalized tabloids, the Arba’een walk is not only for Shia Muslims as many others participate in this ritual as well, and the Arba’een walk has a revolutionary message that touches the hearts of many.

The holy grandson of the prophet, imam Al-Hussain ibn ?Al? ibn Abi Talib, was slaughtered wrongly in the year 680 c.e by the tyrant governor Yazid ibn Muawiyah. To honor his death, Shia’s from all around the world Travel to his gravesite, located in Karbala Iraq, forty days after Ashra. Ashura, for Shia Muslims, is a day.
This remarkable Journey from Najaf usually takes approximately three days to reach the sacred land of Karbala. This extraordinary ritual

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