Developing feel they can trust you is

Developing positive relationships-Giving the child the need to feel they can trust you is important so the child feels safe when in the nursery. Children need support and attention from adults, if the relationships are not good the children may feel they cannot get positive attention easily so are more likely to show unwanted behaviour to get negative attention. Good relationships also allows the children to be able to tell their key person if something is wrong with them as they have a good bond. Listening to children and valuing their opinions- So that they can feel important and be happy that they are being listened to and by giving children choices so that they feel like they have responsibilities and practitioners are not forcing them to do activities they do not to do. Providing a challenging and stimulating environment-Children and young people enjoy having fun so with this in mind practitioners have to think about what type of equipment, resource’s and layout they could set up throughout the day to keep the children entertained. Children may have the same toys at home so it is worth having a wide variety of toys to rotate around to again keep them entertained so they do not get bored. Positive behaviour reinforced (praises/rewards) – So the child knows from right or wrong and knows what happens when they are good.

Following behaviour policy- So that the children know how to act, it is also important that practitioners do the same because children copy what adults are doing.

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