Development of circular polarization over other polarizations

Development of modern wireless system requires
precision system and antenna with better performance.
Circular polarization antennas are one such a kind to
their applications in satellite communications,
Navigation systems, and mobile communications,
WLAN, Wi-MAX, WPAN and RFID 1, 2. The
advantages of circular polarization over other
polarizations are immunity to multipath fading, resistant
to Faraday rotation effect and antennas are not restricted
in its orientation while transmission and reception.
Design of antennas for wireless communication systems
should have low cost, compact design and better
performance such as wide bandwidth and high gain 3.
We implemented antennas using transmission line
model approach because of its advantages as high
performance with less complexity 4. It gives more
information about geometric design of antenna. In
conventional antenna design we have more freedom due
to distributed nature of the antenna 5, 6. It is just like
a RLC circuit we need to optimize according to the
requirement so that it is easy of all and simple to design
in this method of analysis 6. Different feed techniques
are followed so that we can evaluate a better model
because each technique has its own advantage over other
feed techniques like strip, probe etc. As it was designed
in transmission line model we have advantages in
impedance matching 7, 8.


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