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Did you know that dirk bikes are much safer than Atv’?? A Dirt bike rides much smoother than a 4 wheeler. Not everyone ride dirt bikes for fun , they also use them for work . You can have so much more fun on a dirt bike instead of a 4 wheeler. People who ride dirt bikes are most likely to not get hurt. Dirtbikes and 4 Wheelers are both great things for fun though.
So, choosing between 4 Wheelers and dirt bikes, Ii will choose a dirt bike. The reason why is because when you riding with other people you want to enjoy yourself right. Well if you have a 4 wheeler you will not be able to have as much fun as you want to because you will not be able to go everywhere they go . On the other hand, if you is on a dirt bike you will be able to go everywhere. Dirt bikes are way much safer than a 4 wheeler in cases.
While riding a 4 wheeler you may end up injuring yourself real bad maybe even end up killing yourself. You can but at the same time will not have as much fun like you will on a dirt bike. If you get a dirt bike you will not have to do as much work on it as you will on a a 4 wheeler. The speed that 4 wheeler? have it makes you injure yourself badly.
The purpose we trying to make is , dirt bikes are much cheaper then Atv? . They are much smaller and weigh less pounds than atv?. You do not have to worry about get hurt as bad as you would if you was on a Atv. Atv crashes are the scariest especially when kids that are under 16 is involved in it.


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