Did This technology can make driving safer, prevent

Did you know that Tesla makes electric and self driving cars, but the NHTSA won’t let them go fully autonomous. What once was science fiction is mere inches away from becoming reality but we need the government’s approval. Therefore the United States should allow autonomous vehicles on the road. This technology can make driving safer, prevent traffic congestion, and lower/eliminate fuel consumption. With a world filled with social media and news many news outlets have targeted these self driving methods as too dangerous due to unbacked up claims but in reality that simply isn’t true. It is a standard that all autonomous cars come with a myriad of safety features.

These features include lane departure warning, adapting cruise control, and assistive steering. There are different tiers of self driving ranging from 1-5. When going fully autonomous. According to Stanford law school almost 90% of car crashes are from human error. When going autonomous this risk is practically eliminated.

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A Google Car made a self driving car that traveled over 300,000 miles but only 2 traffic incidents happened. We can even lower traffic congestion enabling faster travel times. In Fact self driving cars are first tested in places like Pittsburg Pennsylvania where road congestion is a norm.

On your normal vehicles when the car in front of you brakes, it takes the driver behind a couple of seconds to break, reaction times have even been 2-3 seconds. Self driving cars have a completely revamped and more developed way of dealing with stop- and go traffic. Vehicles will have sensors that


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