Differences (Engineering, medical) can lead the students to

Differences between two education system
I have had the privilege of studying under Bangladesh and United States systems of education. There are many differences between Bangladesh and US education system. Uniforms are given high priority and adhered to strictly in Bangladesh schools as compared with US where most schools do not have uniforms and dress codes are very flexible. In Bangladesh, we had over 200 students sitting together in a course. Unlike in US, they have small number of students in every course. In Bangladesh, students have to carry a lot of books and notebooks. However, there are few books to be allowed and many of those books are kept in school itself in US. Critical thinking has never been a main focus for the Bangladeshi system. A large part of Bangladeshi class was memorizing and reciting article, agreeing with other ideas. But in US, students have to give their own thoughts about an article, thinking critically. In Bangladesh, the choice of courses is limited. Because of the poor mentality of our society, which believes that only few of those overrated courses (Engineering, medical) can lead the students to success. While the Universities in US have so many courses that the people in Bangladesh wouldn’t even have heard of them. In Bangladesh, even lower classes, there are formal exams. Exam period is a very stressful period for students as well as parents. During exam season, parents usually cancel all other activities and focus only on creating a study environment for children. Whereas, in US, exams are usually a part of normal teaching and so kids do not usually sit and read for days before they take a test. I do not mean to undermine Bangladeshi system here. In conclusion, With all the shortcoming, Bangladesh have a few bright students. The American education system, on the other hand, it has special allure and have a lot of intelligent students.


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