Differences lifestyles. The first difference between small-town life

     Differences of places, in which people live, affect people’s lifestyles. Although some people may think that living in cities is more practical than living in a village, some people may not want to live in cities and prefer to live in villages. It is known that the more a city is large in area, the more problems it will have. However, the most important aspect is not where person lives and the essential thing to be cheerful is that a person lives with whom. People’s characters are affected by their surroundings, not by a city or village.

However, it’s clear that people’s lives and their characters change according to where they live. Therefore, living in a large city or small village can affect people’s lives and their differences which make differences in people’s lifestyles. The first difference between small-town life and big city life is people’s lifestyle. In a small town, people know each other with having the same culture and it is easier for them to meet each other very frequently. Moreover, living in a small town makes a meeting or interacting with different people much easier because they are either are relatives or well-known people in the small city. For example, in a small town, let’s say a car accident happens, and it’s more likely for the diver to be helped and known by others because for sure either their culture or their ancestor is the same.

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Also, once you hear the name “small town” it comes to your mind that there will be no big companies and businesses, so it makes it difficult to find jobs there. On the other hand, in big cities, people don’t know each other and they usually live separately from their families. So they live in different apartments which usually make them not know their roommates or apartment mates either.

The second point is having different cultures and beliefs because of diversity in the people. Also, finding jobs are easier in big cities because of the different amount of companies and branches available there. So what we can conclude is that people have a totally different lifestyle and it’s much better to live in a big city than living in small towns because people have more opportunities, and everyone can improve or develop themselves.The natural setting of a city is different than that of a village. People in villages have more clean and fresh air to berth because there are a huge amount of trees which release O2 to the environment, and there are not many cars and the rods are less dangerous. In a village, people can plant their own product, and their fruit is healthier. Also, there are many mountains, rivers, and waterfalls which give the village a different nature than cities.

However, in cities, there are many buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, and factors which are making our life going easier, but they have many disadvantages at the same time because they cause to air pollution. Also, in a huge city are much more cars which caused air pollution by heavy traffic. For instance, “in New York City, there are good public transportation and subways that enable you to get around without having to own a personal car. People often use the public transportation due to expensive parking. Heavy traffic that makes you leaves your home some hours before work or an appointment in order not to be late. There is air pollution caused by heavy traffic.

” Therefore, people who live in a city do not breathe pure air than those people who live in a city because their nature is totally different. Life in a village is more simple, active and healthier than the city with crowd environment and a huge number of peoples.In conclusion, people who live in cities have very different lifestyles, activities, and natures than people who live in villages. Moreover, living in a city has some disadvantages over living in villages although both make a settlement for humans. As a result of the different settings in which people live, living in a large city or small village affects people’s lives and creates differences between people who live in cities and those who live in villages.


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