Differences that has been seen in the performance

Differences that has been seen in the performance of males and females in mathematics and science from an early age (Geary, Saults, Liu & Hoard, 200; Linn & Peterson, 1986). Male outnumber female in scientific careers, whilst female outnumber male in social skills fields (Lawrence, 2006). Despite the fact that there has been an increase in the number of female entering scientific careers, the difference still exists.

Nonetheless, if we neglect these differences, and decline to look for further details for their presence, we cannot fix the balance in the portion of males and females entering specific academic fields and following career paths. A theoretical account of cognitive sex differences (Baron-Cohen, 2002a, 2003) suggests two cognitive styles, that alter between the gender: empathizing (E) and systemizing (S). Empathizing eases the interaction in the social world which can be explained as both the drive and ability to identify other’s mental state and to react to one of suitable emotions. Whilst, systemizing eases the work in scientific area that can be used as a drive to analyse and construct a matter in an organised way.

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