Digitizing area of study to how much

Digitizing raster images to create vector maps: Google maps and field survey solve this big problem very efficiently; Google maps are providing high accuracy up to 500m this gives high-quality data for vector maps creation.

Vector maps help in understanding city context analyzing and measuring city boundaries.For example, HCP vectoring Ahmedabad map using the help of Google maps as Ahmedabad don’t have proper city plan to study land parcel within an area of study to how much public land do our cities have and how can we utilize them. These help in following criteria: I. How much public land does our city have?II. Categorizing how much land we utilized and remaining.III.

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Converting unutilized development land potential into equivalent form. IV. Estimating the market value of land using jantri and additional information regarding market prices.V. Assessing the value of utilized land.

• To get lands for development: In many cities in India, Land acquisition is the criteria to get lands from farmers and build infrastructure which leads to farmers to lose their plots on compensation and their neighbor got high plot value because of the road from there.Land Pooling Mechanism: There are many models which help in getting lands for infrastructure example, Land Acquisition Act, Land pooling and others. We have seen in the past and how difficult to acquire lands but Land Pooling model is one of the successful models which helps in acquiring land easily and with equality between landowners and government. Land Pooling method is to readjust Land so everyone gets their equal percentage of land and government also get lands for building infrastructure.• Financing of the project:This is the first step to start your project to have money to build many times we have seen corporation does not have enough money to build and the project stuck there.There are many project financing model we can use to tackle this problem like public-private partnership, self-financing a project by sponsorship in return of advertisements, developers to build their own infrastructure, cooperate and borrow money from the private market to do projects, provide little infrastructure and let the market to grow itself then by those revenues they can build further infrastructure. For example, In CG Road development we have seen HCP used the Self-financing mechanism which allowed Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to generate revenue and self-sustain.

These also form trust between the private investor, HCP and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for future investment and generate revenue.• Cost recovering:Cost recovering is needed for further development if we got the grant for that project then we need it for next project or for maintenance and if we used public-private partnership then to recover money of partners in projects.For example, I. C.G. Road: AdvertisementII. SRFD: Land SellingIII. Accounting systemIV.

Market stabilityCost recovering from the project depends on design and policies which corporation can use for further action as we have seen corporation takes taxes for development but there are many another method also from which we can recover our cost like to give spaces for advertising on project example on CG road. By structure your finance, account in order as MOUD US aid financial Institution Reform and Expansion (FIRE) project approach of development.• To make the balance between People, Government and Nature:This is important as we have seen many cities devastated if they go for only one approach in their designs.

The example currently we have to see Kerala floods majorly because of human destroying nature in achieving of a comfortable life, there are many environmental, economic, political and social challenges if the goals of achieving sustainable, livable and productive urban regions are to be achieved. Implementation of these popular vision can encounter a host of conflicts due to the range of interest and stakeholder involved.The comprehensive approach required in dealing to achieve the sustainable goal by learning from past success and mistakes to identify what makes a good practice for balanced urban development and guide local government, planning agencies and developers. Thus policies of peri-urban regions have to be given priority at both the national and global level. • To explain the design to people:Explaining design is must in implementing projects but because of lack of design understanding, people believe that they going to lose something and what benefit they get from it in the future example, In C.

G. road development people believed that they going to lose direct access to road and some land which they acquired in ROW.Consultation: As we have discussed in class Consultation is important not public participation in consultation we consult them for their misunderstanding or provide detail project concept so they understand easily what we going to do and take notes of the real problem if it related to design and rectify it. The consultation also helps in the better relation between planner and people so they can easily share their problems and understand project on the ground. • Inequality:In implementing infrastructure consider everyone gets equal benefit from it not a loss to one and other get large profit example, in land acquisition to build roads and some evoked from there and some got roadside plots.

The actionable project should be actionable means it’s not designed giving benefit to someone and rearrange design on that basic plan should be equally designed for the city not for specific people so in future for the further process you can take action on anyone without any hesitation of benefiting someone. As in AUDA development plan HCP designed liberal rational model which is easy to justify plan in such condition. Thus cities and municipalities have to deal with the challenges of absorbing diversity and contracting inequality As author and renowned urban planner Jan Gehl rightly states; if we want to create “cities for people” or “People friendly” cities urban planners need to apply the human perspective, carefully observed and analyze people behavior in the urban realm.


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