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Directed by ChristopherNolan, Interstellar (2014) is a sciencefiction film that tells the story of Cooper (Matthey McConaughey), a farmer andfather living in the not-so-distant future who goes to space with a group ofastronauts (Anne Hathaway & David Gyasi) to find an alternate home planetfor humans stuck on the now ailing Earth, and to ensure a safe future for hischildren.

Cooper is a former engineer and renowned pilot who values hisrelationship with his family above all else. He is considered by NASA (nowoperating in secret) to be the perfect man for a near impossible but necessarymission, and has no choice but to leave his son and daughter behind to helpensure a better future for humanity. Following a universe-spanning voyage, Cooperfaces hardships that test his will to carry on, but in the end his connectionand love for his children guide him to success.  Drawing inspiration from films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar exhibits typical sciencefiction elements in most departments, however it’s soundtrack is atypical fromwhat one might expect from the genre. Scored by Hans Zimmer, the soundtrack isone of the most notable aspects of the film because of its interaction withinthe movie.

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The film explores the overwhelming vastness of space as well as the smalland insignificant space that humans occupy within it, and their inability tofully comprehend what is out there. Zimmer employs a unique orchestration ofstrings, woodwinds, pianos, choir — andmost importantly, the ethereal pipe organ to capture this other-worldly mysticism.Human emotions are an incredibly important theme throughout the film and thisis reflected in Zimmer’s score, however, their space and meanings are exploredin within a much larger context — theuniverse. The score of Interstellarreflects on this notion of the vastness of space, along with the greatimportance of human emotion and the space that humans occupy in the infinite realmof the universe.


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