s development in many different

Disability affects children’s development in many different ways: these can be cognitive, physical, sensory, emotional, behavioural and social. Hearing and other sensory impairments can affect communication skills; Autism, Asperger and other syndromes like ADHD or ADD can affect children’s behaviour and their emotional development. Autism is a developmental disability which affects how a person relates and communicates with other people and the world around them. For instance, a child or a young person with autism finds very difficult to understand facial expressions or the tone of a voice.

They can feel lonely and cut off from society as they avoid social interaction. This could affect their ability to development or interact in social settings or in the classroom.Dyslexia is instead a difficulty in learning how to read. Children suffering from dyslexia may become frustrated and many behavioural problems could arise at home or in school, Dyslexia is also easily undetected.Physical disabilities could include cerebral palsy, which is a condition that affects the movement, posture and coordination of a person.

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A child with this disability could be affected by seizures, epilepsy or difficulties with his speech and language.Children and young adults with a learning or physical disability may also be unfortunately subjected to discrimination at school because they could be treated differently than the rest of the children. They may be bullied by other students and this can ultimately affect their self-confidence together with their learning capabilities and development.


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