Discrimination the likelihood of discriminating occurring. So

Discrimination can be challenged in a way that promotes or encourages change, as I believe people discriminate against people because of a preconceived idea that they may have, like a pre judgement. So I believe that teaching people about people’s differences, and making them more knowledgeable on the matter may change their opinion and reduce the likelihood of discriminating occurring. So an example of this could relate to my work environment, we support adults with complex learning disabilities.

Sometimes in the community the individuals we support can be discriminated against because people believe they perhaps are ‘different’ so we try to challenge this belief from a young age. Our service now has school links with local schools hat ensures that children from a young age meet individuals with learnings disabilities, which challenges discrimination from a young age, as these children then become more knowledgeable about learning disabilities therefore this encourages perhaps a change of opinion from a young age.

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