Discuss for many foreign words as well as

Discuss the positive and negative impacts of having English as a global language.Since world war two English languages performs very important role in the world. English language has become worldwide and it is useful in a positive way for economic, business purpose, education, lifestyle. English is spoken internationally which is learned by many people as a second language. English language was accepted by many countries in the world, where there are many words of English language uses as a main tool in other languages, which is proved English language is using for many foreign words as well as mixed vocabulary.

Many researchers have shown that there are many positive impacts as well as negative impacts of English as a global language. English is going to influence on other languages and people in many countries. For this reason many negative impacts of English as a global language such as loss of native languages and bad influence on cultural identity. But other sides there are some positive effects of English as a global language such as cross cultural communication and countries with better English have better economies. So, this essay will argue the positive impacts of English language are better than the negative impacts because it has become powerful part for people to give them employment opportunities and chance to exchange their knowledge and their point of view worldwide with use of English as an international language.To some extent, English as a global language has some negative impacts in many countries. Firstly, many local languages in many countries are becoming extinct due to English as a global language. According to linguistic approximately 6,500 languages worldwide spoken but about half of them are endangered or are going to vanished (Dastgoshadeh & Jalezadeh n.

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d). So, as per many government policies studying English language tried to destroy many minority languages by banning to use in public or discouraging its use. Decades of government policy of Australia and their practices have banned and discouraged Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander localize from speaking their own languages during the adaptation years. Many citizens forcibly taken hostels and lost their languages because of prohibition policies and practices of government and churches (Chapter 3). Secondly, English as a global language will bad impact on cultural identity. Many researchers show that language plays an important role in determining the cultural identity of people (Lobaton 2012 cited in Alfarhan 2016). As an example Canadian students have some observations about their colleagues who have taken English as their second language and also they are learning other cultural practices by English speakers in the western countries.

Thus, this may force them to loss their own cultural value or if they will not leave their native culture they might get confuse that from which culture they belong to. And this happened only because of they adapt new culture brought by the new language (Lobaton 2012). Due to English as a global language in the world many native cultures get negative affects to preserve in many countries and that also effects their culture lives because of non English communities. As a result of the phenomenon known as cultural imperialism effect. As an example British culture bad influences on world’s education system that linked to Africa, America, Asia and Australia.

It has permit to form a sort of society variations from its own civilizing environment (UK ESSAYS 2015). Hence, the above evidences shows that having English as a global language has some negative impacts. However, there are some positive impacts of having English as a global language. To begin with cross cultural communication contributes understanding between various cultures and overcoming them with support of a connecting language. In modern era having English as a global language can be a great link. According to Johnson (2009) English language plays significant role in communication. For an example it plays lingua franca that people uses exterminate the cross-cultural communications.

Though English as a global language is a positive impact on the development of culture, where it brings people together to share their ideas and cultures. The positive influence of this where people leave their culture differences and acts as an excellent threat to the development of other cultures (Alfarhan 2016). Many local languages and cultures have been processed of expected localization and internationalized has been developed by having English as a global language. That’s why English language is escalating the process of communications and sharing worldwide cultures across different communities (UK ESSAYS).

As an example in 1998 to create Aventis, when Germany’s Hoechst and France’s Rhone-Poulenc merged. Through English as a operating language over French or German they have become worldwide fifth largest pharmaceutical company (Neely 2012). Allied to this countries having better English language have better economics. Researchers indicate that connection between people and economics through having English language skill performance of the country has become stronger (Mccormick 2013). According to the same author pointers like ‘Gross Domestic Product (GDP)’ and ‘Gross National Income (GNI)’ can increase high levels. In the latest edition of the English Proficiency Index, they found the largest ranking by English language skills 60 countries and territories have raised their per capita income.

As well recruiters and Human Resource managers of all around the world shows that job hunters are earning 30% to 50% higher salaries through brilliant English compared to their own countries (Mccormick 2013). Through English language there is a big effect on earning in many sectors which are conducting businesses worldwide. And those are included multinational companies such as Microsoft, apple, exports and imports which have link with global markets and service sector businesses. So, language related activities such as latter, communications, advertising, marketing, promoting, receiving guests and clients and servicing are getting benefits to increase economy level of nations through English language (Powell-Davies 2015). It is clearly seen that there are good impacts of having English as a global language.Therefore, although there are some negative impacts of having English as a global language but there are some positive impacts also of having English as a global language. There is a chance to exchange more knowledge from one place to other place in the world through English as a global language.

Through English it’s not improves income but it can beneficial for quality of life. As a connection between English adeptness and human development there are many elements include such as measure of education, life anticipation, literacy and standards of living. Many low and very low proficiency countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Norway, China, India and Guatemala developed well through English. As an example business leaders can know which multinational companies are going to investing in and improving in.

As well they can know which companies can give significant insight about how country fits in the global market, which will influence on company’s strategy (Mccormick 2013). For meeting corporate goals many employees are working together those are from various places. As an example if any employee from Belgium puts from enterprise in Mexico so there is a communication problem will occurred.

But through English language comprehension gives employees direct information which is going to make perfect decision. ‘Nestle’ Food Company from Swiss got great efficiency success in purchasing and hiring with the help from enforcement of English as a company standard (Neely 2012). English as a global language can help many people to get employment opportunities worldwide. According to Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten in March 2010 Japan has become world’s largest online market place with the help of English language as a company’s official language of business and it affected some 7100 employees of Japan. And the expansion plan has concentrated outside of Japan.

Recently days 50% of Rakuten’s Japanese employees can connected effectively with internal communication in English language. Due to this 25% employees are communicating in English with coworkers and partners in overseas subsidiaries on a daily base (Neely 2012). The excellent command in English language skill is a great chance to get opportunity in career. An Human Resource supervisor of Euroil said that proficiency of English language may become an element that affect on career progression, especially related to meeting and communicating with key business partners or signifying the company. As a result sales and marketing or senior management positions can provide jobs through English language skills (Pinon ; Haydon 2010). Although negative impacts through English as a global language can be solved with help of multilingual programs. As an example when Hawaii became state, Hawaiian language has been banned from Hawaiian local schools due to the United States.

The goal of the US was to get English on every people’s mouth but, local advocates were succeed in getting the people recognized the Hawaii language through immersion preschools and other programs, which brought their local language back from the brink (Stern 2018). Commonwealth government controlled the education system and set the policies about native languages implementation. As an example Northern Territory government made dismantle bilingual education by mandatory for schools in place of teach the first four hours in English. Therefore these policies of territories and states were useful to preserve the indigenous languages due to education system (chapter 3 2010).

Additionally culture has strong connections with people, through English language there is not bad influence on cultural identity. According to John (2009) internationalized broadly influences China to learn English. Even now a day’s many students are learning English in foreign countries for internationalized purpose but the country like China is one of them where culture is still regarded by people and always they protect very strongly in any cost. At the first government of China have rejected to accept English language to taught in their schools (Alfarhan 2016). As a second example until 1967, Tanzania had two official languages which were English and Swahili. But when Swahili got the individual status in Tanzania, there was same situation happened in Malaysia and as per National Language Act English has been rejected and Malay has become official language.

The other language got global status in these countries because of the political and economical power of those countries where people have strong connections with their own culture (Nesterenko et al. 2015). Thus having English as a global language is good impact on the world.

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