Distinctively appearances which is life-changing experiences, through the

Distinctively optical appearances display a range of aspects of the world as texts seek essential themes and opinions. Ang Lee, the director of the Chinese film “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon” used distinctively optic capabilities to climax, compose and conceive an essence within the film over optical craft like cultural values (clash of values), Gender Roles, Personal Freedom, and loyalty. The film “crouching tiger hidden dragon”, is a film which combines the genres and themes of martial arts, romance, Wuxia techniques, camera shots, and adventure in the Chinese wuxia.

And this can be seen in the related text “Crossing the Red Sea” by Peter Skrzynecki, seen through the Immigrants as they experience optical appearances which is life-changing experiences, through the destination that excites the travellers to defeat obstructions and accomplish their ambition.Ang Lee explores the theme cultural values, composers of visual text uses distinctively optic factors to crop an exact reply to the audience. The scene where Jen meets Shu Lien. Jen’s costuming is traditional and feminine, dressed in a brightly-coloured gown, colourful hair accessories and make up.

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The long-angle shot makes her look small and innocent, as well we can see her background, looks like a lot happening, making Jen claustrophobic, this shows us that Jen is a “poisoned dragon”. The image then cuts to a medium shot of Shu Lien with a grey backdrop, wearing a grey gown (she looks more militaristic and strong, and the angle gives her a greater presence on the screen). This Juxtaposes the contexts of the two characters (Jen as wealthy and Shu Lien as simplistic)-that they are from different backgrounds, this reveals the way in which the two women represent the idea of being stuck between the two worlds. Further Jen Yu is wearing red clothing symbolising fire, the colour red is very popular colouring in Chinese culture. The colour red symbolises success, laughter and pride, it also represents summer season and the Southern Direction. It is the colour worn by brides, since it is believed to be a promising colour for deflecting off evil. Red also represents vitality, celebration and fertility in Chinese tradition.

Furthermore it is also worn by brides, as we see Jen Yu wearing the colour red, telling us that she will get married soon. Link back to the question: Distinctive visual can re-evaluate their sense of identity, and the way people perceive the world.Ang Lee explores the theme Gender Roles, through extraordinary optic aspects emphasises the ways that individuals respond to symbolic forms of life. Symbolism of the Green Destiny Sword being introduced to Jen Yu with a close-up shot of Jen’s face, covered in shadow with a voice-over of Shu Lien describing the sword as “beautiful but dangerous”. We can see this Jens earrings and her delicate make-up, which suggests her beauty, however the ominous music also suggest her potential as a “Poisoned Dragon”. This moment is characterising Jen as “beautiful but dangerous” as a result of her restricted dreams. The scene where Jen steals the Green Destiny Sword suggest that Jen’s positioning as an aristocratic woman through setting and costuming.

We see Je appear in a black disguise, that the colour black is symbolic to Chinese culture. The colour black in Chinese culture means elimination, corrupt, torture, and tragedies. The dark clothing also symbolising her relation with the “female criminal” Jade fox. Medium shots, non-diegetic music when they are trying to capture Jen, and retrieve the Green Destiny Sword, the setting is dark for violent. The long-angle shot of Shu Lien and Jen running across the roofs with grace and control emphasises their skill as a women in martial arts world and forces the audience to question how valid strict gender roles are in society, yet we also see a conflict in values between the two women.

Lee conveys the perception that gender roles may restrict personal freedom through the use of distinctive images of setting, character, costuming.In the related text “Crossing the Red Sea” (Biblical Allusion) by Peter Skrzynecki. We can see how Emotional Trauma can be presented as the Immigrants leave their homeland from a disaster war, onto a discovery on finding a new safe land.

“To watch a sunset they will never see again”. This emotive language Imagery can be very traumatic for the Immigrants, leaving their home with emotional response in the audience, either positive or negative, but in this case we see negative feedback from the traumatised immigrants. This creates distinct images the way distinctively optic aspects transmit value. Link back to the question: Distinctive visual can re-evaluate their sense of identity, and the way people perceive the world.Ang Lee explores the theme Personal Freedom + identity, through the symbolism of the legend, as Lo shares this legend, Jen and Lo are framed by a low-angle shot of them against the backdrop of high mountains – this creates a peaceful and majestic atmosphere, as if they are completely at peace with their identities. Panning, birds eye view of Jen falling gracefully in slow motion with non-diegetic music through the cloudy sky symbolic of spiritual freedom.

The cloudy setting creates a magical and hopeful atmosphere and this leads Jen to finally find her pure path of freedom. Note this is an allusion back to the legends of the man jumping off a cliff in faith that all his would come true “If you have a faithful heart, all your wishes will come true”. Jen jumps off as now she is her true self, no longer living under a disguise – symbolised by her white clothing, white, which symbolises purity in Chinese culture. The final scene, the wide-shot of the green, natural mountains, and the panning shot of Jen walking up the rocky stairs. This shows the acceptance of the world + its capabilities, and the stairs symbolise that Jen has come to the peak of her spiritual journey, as she found her freedom detached from the bounds of her aristocratic house.In the related text “Crossing the Red Sea” by Peter Skrzynecki, explores the hardship suffering as what the immigrants are experiencing, “Blood rimmed horizon”, this metaphor/imagery, is showing us how the immigrants are discovering such disaster of the symbolic red meaning “blood”, this has caused lots of trauma. Furthermore experiencing shocking disasters to the immigrants.

Additionally the metaphor “voices left the caves, and silence fell from its shackles”. This metaphor is used by Skrzynecki to show us that there may be hope for the immigrants, and peace, from this destructive disaster. Link back to the question: Distinctive visual can re-evaluate their sense of identity, and the way people perceive the world.Therefore, through distinctive images of setting, genre + character, Ang Lee shapes experiences of gender, loyalty, personal freedom and cultural decisions in order to shape a new understanding of the Wuxia genre and the experience of gaining freedom within the restrictive world.


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