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Diversity in AmericaAmerica is a country that is known to embrace the diverse culture of the world. This country hosts a variety of people from all facets of the world from people of color to white people, the high social class and the low social class, people of different religious backgrounds and many other different practices. Therefore, my topic for this assignment will be diversity in America. Diversity means bringing together different people, practices, and/or beliefs in one region. This is what America has done, it is made up of people from different places of the world who have moved here permanently or temporarily. Diversity is something that needs to be supported in every nation as people get the chance to exchange ideas, practices, and information amongst other things (Blaine, 2013).

For this reason, the United States is ranked among the top most civilized countries in the world as it does not discriminate against anyone. However, that is arguable, especially as of recently. The government of the United States used to be at the forefront of supporting diversity as it would encourage all the people in the country to feel free while expressing their freedom. Diversity in America comes with various positive outcomes. Due to its diversity, the United States has created a government that is concerned about the well-being of all its citizens.

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All the people who live there have certain rights that are meant to protect them against individuals willing to manipulate them for a plethora of reasons. Various people who meet the voting qualifications are granted the chance to participate in elections. The people get the opportunity to choose their preferred leaders in a free and fair election despite their status. Moreover, the culture of the United States is rich and exciting. Many different people combine trends from different cultures to come out with a unique style that distinguishes America from the rest of the world. Even though this country is known to be of a decent culture, still, it borrows ideas from other cultures and blends them. For example, during the memorable Halloween season, people are seen to displaying their favorite trends where the majorities borrow ideas from their native cultures. Also, during the Thanksgiving or Christmas festivals, many people prepare various foreign dishes such as the Chinese, African dishes, and French meals among others.

Besides, the United States cannot be said to be limited to a particular style since it embraces many styles (Nijkamp, Poot, & Bakens, 2015). For instance, in the music genre, this country supports all types from the hip-hop, classical music, to the reggae and the rhythm and blues styles. Additionally, the current trends seem to be blending various musical genres to create unique music. Such actions have led to the emerging of modern genres such as house music, electro and techno music. Not just the music but the dancing styles are also borrowed from various cultures. Even the accompaniments are combined to make the music enjoyable. One example of a popular hit that is enjoyed in a lot of places in the world is “Despacito”.

The music, which was initially done in a Mexican style, received a new taste when the artists combined it with a Canadian star. The Spanish and English hit song became a favorite of many of the people that listened to it. Therefore, we find that diversity causes people to learn new things from other cultures, thus, making the American culture rich and exciting. I can relate to this country’s growth in diversity because, in my short time here, I have seen many other cultures embrace and try to emulate other styles of dance, dress and much more. Diversity, as a result, causes various people of different backgrounds to exchange ideas which are then fulfilled, and the result is the growth of our country (Walker, Spohn, ; Delone, 2018). America seems to has a good infrastructure, a stable economy, and reduced health problems, as compared to other less fortunate countries.

Since this country holds people from diverse culture, the people come up with different opinions which are then tweaked to create a different, most times positive, outcome. America has people who are good in business; the best doctors, engineers, and other qualified professionals who contribute to this country’s stability. Besides, since the country is known for its stable economic status, qualified persons from other countries move here in search of greener pastures which also leads to this country’s improvement. On the contrary, diversity in America has led to certain adverse effects. The greatest challenge affecting the country is that it loses its origin. Initially, this country was inhabited by the Native people who held a certain state of power. Previously, the white people who lived in the west were perceived to be more superior than other people from other regions. The white people took the power to own people and make them their slaves since they had weapons and the authority to make rules.

However, today this country has evolved and holds people from all over the world. The minority groups form almost half of the entire American population, therefore, the American traditions cannot be practiced as it is viewed as a way of discrimination against minorities. According to Parrillo (2016), the Native Americans cannot identify with a particular practice or belief as they have been introduced to many other practices. However, based off of what we see in the news, they have their own beliefs and culture. The new generations of the Native Americans have higher chances of forgetting their origin due to diversity, which isn’t necessarily good.

Thus, diversity has impacted the culture of the American, and it seems to lost some of its value. Another adverse effect of diversity in America is that one has to remain on the right side of the political correctness. Currently, it is known that this country has two major political parties which are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Therefore, it is important to some that one identifies with the most popular political body. If not so, one is likely to face resistance from the parties’ supporters for being an opposing team member. Despite there being the existence of right and freedoms, it seems as though people are limited when it comes to the political stance.

Of course, one has to identify with the existing parties as it is not possible to support the minor parties because of lack of support from the majority. Diversity has led to the development of various movements such as the whole DACA ordeal, that was meant to protect the rights of the people. However, these movements have to choose the correct political body if they wish to receive total support to run their activities.

More so, the case gets risky if it involves an immigrant into the country. A stranger has to show that they support the ruling party to get various special services compared to those who are against the party. Despite the entire above hypothesis, one cannot help but wonder whether perception is reality.

Many people believe that America is the worst while others save finances their entire lives so that they can relocate to the United States. Moreover, some people believe that Americans have the best lives and they do not struggle as hard as other people in other countries. It is perceived that the best education can only be received in the American universities since students from these schools receive the best jobs and good salaries (Parrington, 2017). However, one usually wonders whether it is all true or just a bluff. Even the residents who live in the United States believe that their lives will change one day.

One cannot be entirely sure whether diversity makes it safe for people to live in the United States, but one is also not sure whether it is diversity that ensures people will enjoy their freedom without fear of harassment. Maybe other forces could be behind these occurrences such as civilization, but a lot of people perceive that diversity makes America to be a happy and peaceful nation that is ready to assist those in need. Many times, the United States has intervened to assist other countries that are being molested by other powerful nations. This country offers financial aid to such nations as well as granting its army to rescue them and bring needed supplies. However, one cannot tell whether diversity drives the American leaders to look out for others or if it is just for their personal gain. In conclusion, diversity is a great way of creating prosperity within a nation as many ideas are brought together and shared. America is a good example as it contains people from all over the world who have contributed ideas and different cultures that have boosted its economy.

Furthermore, the culture of America is exciting as people practice cultures from various regions. However, we find that diversity also creates certain challenges as seen in America, such as racism and prejudice. People from other places have to show support for the ruling political party so as not to be viewed as an op. Finally, I realize that perception might not be reality for some but is for others.

Everything that happens in America is not always that good.


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