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Diversity of Native American Tribes According to Their SurroundingsNorth American continent hosted many different tribes in the 1400s.

These tribes varied by region due to their distinctive geographical conditions. It can be said that, the continent and its climatic characteristics shaped the lives of the natives. As Melissa McDaniel states in Exploring Your World: The Adventure of Geography. “North America can be divided into five physical regions: the mountainous West, the Great Plains, the Canadian Shield , the varied eastern region, and the Caribbean… Within these regions are all the major types of biomes in the world. Some diverse biomes represented in North America include desert, grassland, tundra, and coral reefs.”For instance, in spring, the Kashaya Pomo lived in the vicinity of the rivers, so that they might catch fish and collect roots and herbs and in summer, they spent their time in woods and plains, where they collected berries and seeds of wild plants. At inland sites deer, elk and a vast number of smaller animals were hunted by individuals or small groups.

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Kwakiutl, Nootka, and Haida groups also lived off of what their land had to offer which varied by each season. As Louls Wilson states in the Americans “On a coastline that stretched from what is now southern Alaska to northern California, groups such as Kwakiutl, Nootka, and Haida collected shellfish from the beaches and hunted the ocean for whales, sea otters, and seals.”


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