Divorce communication or dialogue. Dialogue helps to understand

Divorce is becoming more and more frequent over the world. Families who face divorce deal with many problems which affect their emotions, personalities, characters and behaviors in many ways. The causes of divorce are several, but there are three principal causes that destroy marriages and make many couples divorce: not knowing each other before getting married, infidelity between spouses, and lack of communication or dialogue.
Before people get married, they have to know each other, or there will be many bad surprises. It is important to know each other’s needs, spend time together, do some activities like studying, praying, working at the same place, talking frequently to each other, knowing each other’s past, etc. These factors will help persons who want to be married to know how the man or the woman acts or how he or she is. Unfortunately, many people do not really know each other before getting married, so as a result,there is divorce.
Another cause of divorce is infidelity. When one of the spouses goes out with another person who is not his wife or her husband, that can cause divorce. Infidelity generally happens when a spouse begins to compare his wife to another woman or her husband to another man. But there is also infidelity when one the spouses becomes closer and closer to a person of a different sex who can be his or her co-worker or anyone; consequently, there is a separation between spouses.
The most important cause of divorce is the lack of communication or dialogue. Dialogue helps to understand what is not working or reinforces a good understanding of your partner. The more you talk to each other, the less misunderstanding you get and the less you talk to each other the more misunderstanding you get. Because marriage is a sharing of common lives based on the communion, spouses who don’t communicate often are most likely to divorce.


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