Do celebrities have an impact on youth

Do celebrities have an impact on youth in the United States? Celebrities are everywhere in the media and they use it to sell their products to their fans. Most of the celebrities have influence the lives of the youth either in a good way or bad way. The youth will follow the steps of their role models even if the celebrities is a bad role model. They are victims to several different issues as in drug abuse, eating disorders, or even low self-confidence. Most kids spend their time on social media.

They are keeping up on their role model to see what they are doing and what can they change themselves to become like their own role model. The messages that the celebrities send out will be in commercials, ads, radio and anyway that the celebrity can get their name out for their brand. The youth doesn’t always end up doing what their role model ask them to do. They have common sense which they end up spreading the word on this celebrity to not follow them because of the negative things that the celebrity is doing, some listen and some don’t.

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Celebrities do have an impact on the youth in a positive and negative way, depending on how they promote their brand and how the youth takes it in. The negative effects of celebrity influence on the youth is that the celebrity tries to brainwash them. In a way that the youth can helped the celebrity promoting their brand. For an example this Youtuber celebrity Logan Paul tased a dead rat multiple times and keep in mind Logan Paul has millions views on his videos which most of them are kids. Now that the children seen him tased a dead rat multiple times thinking that is funny to do.

The kids will start doing it because if he could do it why can’t I do it? The celebrity will always target their kids more than any other age group, because kids are the most common victims of the media, they are valuable to the celebrities. In conclusion, celebrities can impact the youth’s life in negative ways. As way many celebrities bad habits are learned and followed by the children.


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