Do People with different identities have different opinions

Do courses that are self chosen bring high school students good result? I faced a lot of difficulties when I first arrived at the University of Albany, for example, Course selection. At the time, It was the same feeling as when I first arrived in the American high school, it’s exciting and nervous. I am in a dilemma not knowing how to choose a class. Despite this, I was still very excited because I was able to choose my favorite lesson. As a student, I think the happiest thing is to be able to study my favorite class and inadvertently end the class.

Classes that you don’t like are a torment, every second is slow. However, not all students can enjoy this fun. When students join high school, the school will oblige them to choose certain courses, which are required courses, like I did. Before I entered the America high school, I hoped that the business courses would become my main course, but when I applied for high school, I was told that if I chose to study business, then I must choose one or more math classes at the same time. I was not good at maths since I was child, so if I choose math I would not successfully graduate from high school on time. As an international student, I think the greatest happiness after coming to the United States is that I can choose the course I like. Students can study hard when they have their choice. Even though although.

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Do courses that are self-chosen bring students good result? This is a question worthy of discussion. People with different identities have different opinions and different reasons.It is likely to be helpful for the high school students to allow them freely choose the courses they like. Because most high school students are only interested in the courses they like.

If high school students are allowed to choose the courses they like, they might learn it with interest, which can double their learning efficiency. High school students may also invest a lot of energy in this course, if so they can broaden their horizons, improve their knowledge, and they even can achieve success in the learning process. According to statistics, in the same course, students who liked this class scored about 30% higher than students who did not like this class (Board, 2017). Do courses that are self-chosen bring high school students good result? The answer probably is yes because it would prepare them better for the future life. If high school students can choose their preferred curriculum instead of being forced to arrange the curriculum by the school, perhaps they will have more passion for learning.

(Shannon, 2016). This free learning approach will impress them. On the contrary, although mandatory courses enable students to acquire a large amount of knowledge, because of this is passive learning, I think that students maybe will forget this knowledge in the short term. The important reason why most high school students study hard is to find a satisfactory job after graduation. In other words, their current curriculum or their profession should be linked to their future work.

If the school allows students the freedom to choose courses, they can choose courses related to future work so that they can lay a solid foundation for future work .Science is a hot lesson in the elementary education of students. Of course, some high school students are completely uninterested in science. Take science as an example. Hasan (1975, as cited in Cheung, 2017) used a science interest scale to measure eleventh-grade students’ interest in science topics, school science lessons and activities, and leisure-time science activities. Both male and female high school students with a higher level of interest in science were found to possess a better perception of science abilities have more desire to follow a career in science (Cheung, 2017).

It is possible that because these students like physics, so they can actively study it in the classroom in their spare time, which leads them to be good at physics. No matter which student, if he is good at some course, the keen sense of this course maybe is the main reason.Do courses that are self-chosen bring high school students good result? This is a difficult question to answer. Everyone has a different answer. I think that if you want to find a more appropriate answer, it may be more appropriate to look at this issue from the student’s point of view.

Self-education can help students reduce stress, develop interests and hobbies, and begin to actively accept knowledge. In this way, students may be able to significantly improve their learning efficiency. Therefore, in the long run, I believe that high school students have the right to choose their own course the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


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