Does Shannon AshTable Of ContentsAbstractBackground Research PaperProblem and

Does chewing mint gum affect test scoresBy Shannon AshTable Of ContentsAbstractBackground Research PaperProblem and HypothesisExperimental PlanData AnalysisConclusionWorks CitedAbstractIn my experiment, I chose to test the effectiveness of chewing gum when it comes to test taking and memory.

I believe people should care about the experiment I did, because it could lead to our school allowing gum while taking tests. I personally feel as though I do better when chewing gum during a test and wanted to backup this feeling with science. The goal of this project was to see if individuals perform better on math tests when chewing gum. In order to do this, participants took two timed math tests. During the first test students did not receive any gum. They then retook the test and gum was distributed. The tests were then graded and average scores were compared.

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The results show that students chewing gum had a stronger average (xx%) than students that did not chew gum (x%). In conclusion, gum helps individuals concentrate better and may improve overall math test scores. Research paperThere are three main questions that I plan to answer on the topic of chewing gum and test taking. How does chewing gum affect your brain? Does chewing gum affect  learning in any special way, shape, or form? Does chewing gum increase your short term memory at all?  The thing that will also be explained in this paper is if chewing gum affects long term memory at all. I will start off with the first question, does it affect your brain? The first question we will explore is,how does chewing gum affect your brain. The chewing motion gets blood flowing to the brain where it can than improve memory. The brain is where your memories are stored. The effect of chewing gum only lasts a few minutes, but scientist feel it can still help students in some way.

They found that a burst of gum-chewing before testing improves a student’s test results but only for a minimal period of time. The effect was strongest right after the gum-chewing, but stopped helping them around the  20 minute mark. The gum-chewing also helped with memory tasks. An example of this would be the common childhood game of memory in which students flip 2 cards over to make matches.

  Topic two does chewing gum affect  learning in any special way shape or form and what happens to your brain when chewing gum. researchers suggests that chewing gum may increase understanding performance. Certain studies examined effects of chewing gum on these functions within the context of a singlepoint.

There were no significant effects of chewing gum on any aspect of remembering the story. Chewing gum improved the accuracy of performing the Alice Heim test which confirms the benefits of gum on test performance seen in on other studies. Chewing mint gum had some significant effect on the short term memory tasks.

Chewing gum increased alertness at the end of the test session in all of the studies I have been talking about. people who chewed throughout tests of both long term and short term memory produced better scores than people who didn’t. Gum chewing doesn’t boost memory linked reaction times. Gum chewers will not be guaranteed a higher grade obviously you still have to work for your grade. So gum does not improve test scores without a little bit of studying. You will have some sort of difference in your test grade no matter what.

In some way its mental based if your told test scores will be boosted you will feel more confident. How your brain recalls information. Recall or retrieval of memory refers to recalling things that you have already learned, which have been stored in the brain. in common parlance, it is known as remembering. So it seems obvious that memories decay like almost everything else in the world. But the research tends not to support this view. instead researchers think that memory is limitless.

Everything is stored in there but, without constantly using them, memories become harder remember. This means it’s not helping you remember more it’s helping you access previous memories In conclusion I feel that gum helps your grade out. This has been proven several times by many people around the world. That is how gum affects the human body.Problem/ HypothesisThe problem I am trying to identify was does gum affect test scores in anyway bad or good.

if I give students mint gum during a test then they will do better on a test.Materials Materials SectionThe test they will take (x2)A classroom one type of gum  (24 in each pack)Entire class (Mr. McGirr)PencilsComputer (For me to take notes on how they work)ProceduresExperiment Design SectionConstantsThe Test The classroomThe studentsThe type of gumThe day’s they take the testsIndependent variableIf they have gumDependent variableA change in test scoresControlled groupTest takers who don’t get any gumExperimental groupTest takers who get gumProcedureTake the controlled group and give them the test.Don’t give them their grade’s backThe next day give them gum at the beginning of class Ten minutes later give them the same testCompare the two test grade See if the test had a change in percentage (was it a good change or a bad change.

ChartFigure OneFigure one shows the average on both of the tests.Conclusionin conclusion my hypothesis was correct I said if I give students mint gum during a test the they will do better on a test . The students who had gum averaged 93 and the students who didn’t had an average of 89 percent. Some errors that could have occurred could be people cheating or Not trying to do good on the tests. I could improve the experiment by doing it different days and making sure people don’t talk or cheat. I could also make the tests harder or easier and have more people do the test.

Works citedSmith, A. “Effects of chewing gum on cognitive function, mood and physiology in stressed and non-Stressed volunteers.” Nutritional neuroscience., U.S.

National Library of Medicine, Feb. 2010, gum improves memory.” New Scientist,


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