Domestic is the only emergency domestic violence shelter

Domestic violence is a behavior that certain partner use to control or have power over their partner in a relationship. It is also called Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), domestic abuse or relationship abuse. Everyone can be victim of domestic violence; it does not discrimination.

Abuse does not recognize race, age, religion gender or sexual orientation. Studies have should that it is hard for victim to leave an abusive relationship because abuse comes with behaviors that physically harm, promote fear, can stop a victim from doing what they wish or force them to behave in ways they do not want. It can include emotional abuse and economic deprivation, physical and sexual violence, threats and intimidation, physical and sexual violence. That’s why the government and some private organization have put some structure such as shelter and transitional housing to help people that are victim of domestic abuse. In Montgomery county, there is a shelter for women and children victim of domestic violence. It is called the Betty Ann Krahnke Center (BAK) which is the only emergency domestic violence shelter for women and children in Montgomery County, MD. How to get into the shelter? All victims have to go to the Crisis Center for intake and referral before checking in to the shelter. BAK has 60 beds, the stay is a short-term crisis shelters for women and children who are victim of domestic violence or victims of human trafficking or sexual assault.

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BAK educate victim on safety planning, victim advocacy services, counseling and therapeutic interpersonal skill, personal empowerment and drama reduction. BAK also provide safe and confidential emergency residence for women and their dependent children up to 18, a clinical case therapy for all the resident include kids therapy.All referrals for the Betty Ann Krahnke Center must come from Montgomery County Crisis Center or Abused Persons Program (no direct referrals).Crisis Center(24hrs) – No appointment neededMontgomery County Department of Health ; Human Services1301 Piccard Drive, 1st FloorRockville, MD 20850Phone: 240-777-4000Website: Montgomery County Crisis CenterThere is domestic violence shelter in almost all States in America. Washington DC has many DV shelter. One of them is called DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

DCCADV is the federally-recognized statewide coalition of domestic violence programs, organizations and individuals organized to ensure the elimination of domestic violence in the District of Columbia. DCCADV’s membership includes 16 District of Columbia nonprofit organizations with programs and services dedicated to eliminating domestic violence. – Ayuda’s mission is to protect the rights of low-income immigrants in the DC metropolitan area.- Break the Cycle believes everyone has the right to safe and healthy relationships. We are the leading, national nonprofit organization addressing teen dating violence.

– The mission of the District Alliance for Safe Housing, Inc. (DASH) is to ensure access to safe and sustainable refuge for victims of domestic violence through the development and management of safe housing and related servicesPlease visit The DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence website for more information. There are many opportunities for victims of abuse to relationship to break the cycle of domestic violence, get therapy, get educate and move on.


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