Douglass However, my difficult is learning in second

Douglass EssayEducation can affect a person’s life, and make life better. Learning should be a never-ending process. We must learning continuously no matter how difficulty. Through Frederick Douglass’s essay, I known that he learn to read and write is a difficult process. Frist, he was in a bad time. Fortunately, he met a good mistress. The mistress began instructing him on how to read. However, her husband forced her to stop teaching him to read.

Despite all the challenge, he did not give up reading. Later, by copying the letters on the box, he learned to write. While Douglass’ mistress was away, he read books written by his mistress and learned to write in same way as he. He and I live in different era. I have different difficult with him. I need learn to read and write in second language. For Douglass, the greatest difficulty he encountered was the lack of good teachers and learning resources. However, my difficult is learning in second language.

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My native language is Chinese. English and Chinese have many difficult grammatical structures. When I use English to read and write, I need to throw away the inertia of Chinese thinking. This is a very difficult thing for people who used Chinese for 20 years. Other difficult is new words and expressions.

When I am reading, I will meet a common word that has many meanings. Another case is that I will encounter some very difficult words that are not common, so I cannot understand the sentence. In the last case, when I read some literature, some writers will omit some structure so that I cannot understand the meaning of the article. I think the way to solve these problems is to read more and find your own sense of language in the works of others.

Writing for me is more difficult than reading. The biggest difficulty I encountered when I was writing was that I couldn’t express my point of view clearly and simply. Another aspect is that I cannot write a clear and logical structure of the complete grammatical structure of the article. The last difficulty is that I did not have strong arguments to support my point of view when writing articles. Douglas has overcome all sorts of difficulties through his own efforts and eventually became a great writer. I also have my own way to overcome the difficulty that I encountered while writing.

First Reading and writing are inseparable, in order to write a good essay must be much more from reading a good book. You can also read daily news to exercise your sense of language and enrich your knowledge. From reading other people’s articles, we can collect some ideas and learn how others write.

Another way to practice writing is to keep writing diaries every day. Writing a diary is a good way to exercise our writing. We write diaries to help us deepen the memory of words. Everyone encounters difficulties in learning to read and write.

However, everyone has their own ways to overcome difficulties. Douglas under difficult conditions by imitating other people’s writing style eventually became a great writer. Diligent practice is the best way to learn to read and write. Learning is a long process.

I believe that everyone will overcome difficulties in reading and writing.


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