Due as online classes are. As in classrooms,

Due to more use of technologies in today’s world, schools are opting online learning system. However, both e-learning and traditional way of learning entails instructors, identical education and quality learning yet they both varies from each other in aspects of time management, interaction with others, learning process, flexibility etc. . There are a few students who find it simpler to work in internet school rooms and some others that find it less complicated to live with conventional lecture rooms. Both are having pros and cons which are discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.First of all, time management is vital for student’s success either in classroom or online.

On one hand, trainers let the folks know the syllabus and the other dates in classroom, enforcing them to complete in time and then students focus when and from where to start to meet the deadlines. While on the other hand, all the deadlines are posted online from where pupil can access anytime and they are themselves responsible to meet the due dates which make them to be in discipline. Adding to this, it is easier to them to do their research online whereas others have to go campus library or by reading books and magazines which requires more time.Secondly, the point of difference between these two is scheduling. However, Traditional classes are not as flexible as online classes are. As in classrooms, instructor and students need to be there at specific times.

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Moreover, it requires a fixed place and time for learning which also restrict the number of students. In cite of an example, it is mandatory for pupils to attend the class which is difficult for those who work with their study. In contrast, in eLearning, it is possible for infinity students to access the course material. In addition to this, scholars can take the help of teachers by interacting with emails or retrieving online anytime.

Furthermore, it makes easier for folks who work full time along with their study.Afterwards, traditional classes are distinctive to online on basis of interaction between the instructor and a student. In classrooms, Students communicate with teachers and answers the questions in front of whole class, engage in group activities and also taking a quick feedback from instructor, which led them to enhance their skills in social interaction, working as a team, leadership where students can share their experiences. Whereas, in contrast to digital learning, folks can only interact with their instructor through online communication such as emails, Skype etc. Hence, there is no face to face interaction between them.To sum up all, it is crystal clear that both are having advantages and disadvantages. It is depend upon students that which type of class would be effective by considering their schedule, time management and other concepts.

There are some courses like biology, chemistry which requires traditional classrooms to interact with teachers and some courses need online research or some both. But in today’s digital world, it is very important to learn technology and accessing the internet even learning in traditional classrooms.


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