Dunkin’ job resumes and the capacity to select

Dunkin’ DonutsInstitutional AffiliationStudent’s NameCourse Name/SectionProfessor’s nameDate Submitted?Recruitment and SelectionThe recruitment and selection, alternatively known as recruitment and staffing, is part of value-added Human Resource (HR) processes. The recruitment and selection process entails the management of numerous job resumes and the capacity to select the best candidates and employing them into the organization. At Dunkin’ Donuts, recruiting is a staffing operation that is not restricted to the HR department alone. Any individual within Dunkin’ Donuts can encourage an eligible person to present a resume or demonstrate an interest in working for the company. Dunkin’ Donut’s recruitment system is systematic, progressive, and fixated on the organization’s needs. The recruitment process includes online application processes, walk-in, word of mouth, and referrals to locate the right candidates to occupy the different positions that are vacant.

The selection process entails selecting from among the applicants those who have the relevant qualifications, as stated in the position. Dunkin’ Donuts’ selection process is customized to adhere to labor laws and organizational guidelines and standards such as personality characteristics, special skills-technical, education level, special skills-physical, and legal requirements. Applicants’ information is sorted according to occupational status and is ranked based on their capabilities. This information is then used to arrange meetings with qualifying applicants in aims of acquiring more insight into their work ethics. After that, applicants will be chosen and appraised based on their experience and qualities; then a meeting will be arranged to talk with the applicants personally. Finally, a choice and offer of employment will be presented to the most suitable applicant for the vacant position.

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Salary and Benefits A Dunkin’ Donuts manager’s salary typically ranges from thirty-thousand thousand dollars to fifty-thousand dollars a year. Managers also earn lucrative job benefits with the vast donut shop chain. A Dunkin’ Donuts’ manager benefit package includes a dental, life and medical cover, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off including sick time, bereavement, vacation, holidays, and personal time, and basic life insurance. Additionally, Dunkin’s managers receive stock ownership plans and thrift savings. Dunkin’ Donut believes in taking care of its employees, and it starts with great perks such as early release Fridays, each Friday throughout the year; opportunities to enjoy its product throughout a standard workday, and an on-site fitness facility.

Not only these, to its employees based in the U.S., Dunkin’ Donuts offers Dental Coverage, Medical Coverage to employees and their dependents, and Vision Coverage. The cost of coverage is divided by the organization and the employee. Additionally, the company offers a wellness program, basic life insurance, basic accidental death and dismemberment insurance, flexible spending accounts, long-term disability, 401 (k) plan, tuition reimbursement, and short-term disability. It further extends its benefits by offering paid time off, i.e., holidays, bereavement, vacation, sick time, and personal time.

Employees are also eligible for various discount programs, including but not restricted to pet insurance, aquarium and museum passes, bulk coffee purchasing, discounted movie tickets, Perks Card program, and homeowner and group auto insurance. Dunkin’ Donuts offers benefits to both its managers and employees. Its employees are the ones who gain most from the benefits as most of the benefits are designed in their favor. Their managers also benefit from their “benefits” and are the only ones with the ability to receive stock ownership. The company has succeeded in catering for its managers’ and employees’ needs and this make them effective and relevant.


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