During revolution was considered as major break through

During 14th to mid 18th century people’s life revolved around growing their own food. People used to build and used their own handmade tools. The same tools and farming style ran through generations. Then there was transition of handmade production to machine production between 18th to 19th century and was considered as Industrial Revolution. There were new means of manufacturing in chemical industry, textile industry, communication, transport, power and even development of machine tools. These changes made society progress from primary to secondary industry.The Industrial Revolution started from United Kingdom in 18th Century and spread throughout the Europe.

Machine took over men in all Industries from Primary to tertiary. Although this industrial revolution was considered as major break through from human race but it still came with a price. There were a lot of pros and cons of Industrial revolution that lead to drastic changes in social and economics life in Europe.The Industrial Revolution opened doors of unlimited production possibilities. There was a massive change in economic life it changed the face of nations. It gave rise to a specialised economic life and transformed a urban worker in a person who was totally reliant on employer’s will, and they treated workers not as humans but commodities. But on the other hand rural worker was on his own he could do whatever he want and whenever he want. As the industry moved from agriculture to manufacturing, production of goods shifted from homes to workshops.

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A lot of people moved from rural to urban areas as they were no longer employed the farm. Despite this there was a massive increase in the production of goods and GDP grew. New entrepreneur entered the market took risks to start new business and reaped rewards.

Economic condition of Europe had a drastic change because before Industrial revolution their economy relied on farming and there weren’t any exports, People just harvested food from themselves.During this revolution people had to leave there comfortable farm live and go to cities to search for work. People living in rural area moved to cities because there were no jobs left for them in the farm, A lot of people flooded into cities from rural areas to find hope. New and Posh Neighbourhood was build for wealthy people, while the poor workers were forced to live in slums, shared a room with 100 people and had a common toilet and tap water system nearby. Parents had to send there children to factories for work to fulfil their needs, the new industrial workers now included men, women and Children, they work hours ranged from 12-16 hours per day. Regardless of how hard Children and Women worked they still received the lowest rates of pay.

As demand for goods and services was high so workers had to work hard to meet the demand. And when there was less demand they operated at a relaxed pace.Change was everywhere the Industrial Revolution was fundamental for every industry. As the revolution opened doors in future for mankind it came up with new opportunities, high paid jobs, the quality of life of people living in cities improved they had access to modern technology but all this revolution gave rise to one the major problems of today known as Pollution. Setting up of new Industries is increasing pollution everyday and this pollution is giving rise to new diseases and most of them don’t even have a name or cure. This Pollution is bad for both humans and animals. The cutting of trees is giving to Global warming and change of climate condition which is leading to extreme temperature.


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