During those situations into his short stories and

During Mark Twain’s lifetime‚ he examined America change from a country wavering away from each other by inner battles.

Twain experienced America’s enormous development and transformation from westward expansion to industrial development‚ technology advancement, distant battles and the end of slavery. Twain spoke his mind often about the changes trending in America. He came across Native American tribes as well as a diversity of exceptional characters‚ disasters, and disappointments. Mark Twain took advantage of the situation and put those situations into his short stories and novels‚ one in particular “Roughing It”. He and several other authors wrote a novel that confronted political dishonesty that looked as if it was going to rule that time period.

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Yet‚ his social commentary continued. The Prince and the Pauper and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, disapproved oppression as a whole while examining the period’s explosion of new technologies. Twains most well-known work‚ Adventures of Huckleberry Finn‚ criticized the society of slavery‚ railed against the failures of Reconstruction and the continued poor treatment of African Americans in his own time.


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