During in my school life which my

During my school life in college, I am enjoying my courses which they are A level Further maths and Chemistry.

I had done my A level maths this year (2018) and achieved an A, which I am quite proud of as we have learnt all the maths content we need in a year time. In addition to the subjects I studied in college, I had also take an A level exam in Chinese. Because there are no teachers in the college that can teaches Mandarin, thus I have to develop an independent, self-supporting attitude towards this subjects. Although I have only achieved a B in Chinese, I still think that this shows that I can faced the learning where the stress is placed more on the pupil than the teacher.

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Despite of the fact that I’ve only come to England for 4 years, I think I have made the biggest achievement in my school life which my friends and I had come 1st in the STMC group challenge in the Regional Heat Round and we are through to the National round. I also took part in the Senior Maths Challenge in 2017 and I’ve achieved a silver medal which means that I was at the top 60% among all the other participants. I enjoy problem solving a lot, so I have attempted a further maths workshop in University of Sussex every fortnight, to improve my problem solving skills and extend my mathematical knowledge beyond the content of my A-level courses. I have also work during the weekends from 2015, working in McDonalds has improved my communication skills and the ability of working as a team. Aside from Maths, I also love to read books, as it improves my vocabulary and my essay writing skills . My favourite maths book is ‘The Man Who Loved Only Numbers’, the biography of Paul Erdös, a man who I respect very much. ‘Me before you’ is one of the best romantic fiction I’ve read so far, the main character ‘Lou Clark’ has really inspired me.

Besides, I love to playI would love to find out more about Mathematics as there are so many things around us nowadays are related to Mathematics that I wouldn’t know if I haven’t study Maths in A level. I am very interested to find out more and thus this is the reason why I’ve apply to study Mathematics at University.


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