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During the 2 weeks block placement at the oaks residential care home I was interacting one to one with the service users.

I took my opportunity to communicate as one to one with an elderly service user during a Christmas activity which involved in making reindeer antler headbands for a Christmas party they were having the following days. In the main front lounge, I would interact a lot with all the service users in different activities. Therefore, over the weeks I was able to pick up the like and dislikes of each service user which helped me to decide who would be willing to make an antler headband with me. There was lady which I noticed would often like to colour in her colouring book, this helped me to realise that she enjoyed arts and crafts.

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It was a great opportunity to communicate with her as well as make these Christmas antlers. During the one to one interaction I used both verbal and non-verbal communication, I felt I was good at both communication as I was able to get my message across. For instance, firstly I explained the activity effectively with verbal communication, which was creating a headband with the given Christmas decorations, as well as communicating verbally I also incorporated non-verbal communication which was using gestures such as hand gestures to help make the activity clear, also making good eye contact which showed the service user I was paying attention and focusing on them, without getting distracted from others around me.

Furthermore, during my one to one communication I was able to use some of my interpersonal skills effectively. For instance, team work although I was working with just one service user, it was still team work as we took turns in the making of the headband. For example, as the lady is in her old age her mobility of fine and gross motor skills in her hands isn’t as efficient as mine therefore when making the ears of the antlers, it required the cut out of both hands.

To help her out I encouraged her to attempt in drawing the outline of her own hands and I’ll cut on her behalf to avoid cuts. As she was drawing the outline, I stayed patient as well as smiled, I also added in a few praises such as “great job”, “your nearly there” I instantly saw a smile on her face which made me realise I’m doing well and that was a strength of mine. To work as a team but to also encouraged through praises and motivation. Additionally, as part of effective verbal communication, it was important for me to listen back to the service user.

Therefore, as part of active listening I asked question to make clarifications and adjustments. This took place when I asked the lady service user when apply the decorations. This is because the decorations are the important part of the antler headband therefore it was crucial to let her choose them which also ensured that had her opinion valued. Overall, I think I did a good job in the one to one interaction and also in guiding the lady into making a beautiful Christmas antler headband, which she had proudly worn on the Christmas party the follow days. Being able to see a service user happy with their achievements gives me satisfaction in knowing I was a part of that achievement which also makes it an achievement for myself.

Therefore, I am pleased with my interaction, and communications skills.


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