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During the informative presentation, I introduced an app called the “Beauty Camera”, by displaying power points together with oral introduction. During my presentation, I talked about the history of the app, the five main functions of the app and played a video of how to use the app. At the end of my presentation, I answered the questions asked by my classmates. I was talking through most of the time of my presentation and trying to give the audience more information in details.

I chose to use photos and videos to give the audiences a direct understanding of this app. All the photos in the power points were downloaded directly from the app, and the video played during the presentation was a thorough example of how to operate the app. Along with these graphic information, I also gave some explanations while displaying the power points. The reason I chose this way of performing was I would like to give out as much information as I could through multiple ways during the limited time. I think my way of performing gave the audiences a clear understanding of the app, and may attract their interest of using this app. The photos and videos showed them vividly about the app, and my explanations may help them understand better. I delivered the information using different ways as I wanted to attract the audiences’ attention, I think during my presentation, my classmates were really focused.

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Most of the audiences believed that I have used enough information to support the core purpose/idea and it was somewhat compelling for them to continue listening. Some of them commented that my topic is interesting. The major problems listed by the audiences were my lack of eye contact and confidence, my frequent “filter words” and missing the summarized points in the end. I was also told by some classmates that my presentation was not very creative.My voice was kind of low and my tone was plain during the presentation. And I had to admit that I was nervous throughout the whole time.

I did not move around and made enough eye contacts with my audience as I was worried that if I did so, I may forget my line. Additionally, I forgot to tie my thoughts at the end. That’s probably why my audiences have made those comments and suggestions. I think my performance have attracted the audience interest in some ways and gave them a basic understanding of a useful app. I have raised their awareness of this app and provided access to try this app by themselves. I agree with most of the feedback I received. I do realize that I did not have enough confidence and my speech skills need lots of improvements.

Most of the critiques focused on my quality of verbal communications and it made me realized that I need to improve my ability of delivering the information. However, one of the audiences pointed out that I did not approach the audience confidently to ask for questions. I did not agree with this feedback. I was fully prepared for any questions raised by the audience. I would like to improve three things in my next presentation.

Firstly, I would like to improve my public speaking skills especially in verbal communication. I was very nervous talking in English or making a speech in the public. My plan is to practice talking English to myself in the mirror every day for ten minutes, considering myself as the audience. I will talk about my daily life or an interesting topic I find on the newspaper. As English is not my first language, I need more practice in speaking English to make my speech fluent. Secondly, I think I need to improve the effectiveness of my non-verbal communication skills.

I did not move around with confidence during my presentation and I did not make enough eye contact with the audience. I decide to watch more videos of successful speech made by other people and learn from their confident gestures. I have already watched a few videos from the TED, and I have a better understanding of how to manage my body movements while talking. I especially watched those speakers whose first language is not English and learnt from their public speaking experiences. As an international student living and studying outside my home country, I did not have a lot of local friends. I realized that I need to expand my social circle and make more friends, it will also improve my English communication skills.

Thirdly, as some of my audience mentioned in their comments, my speech was not very creative. I would like to practice my critical thinking skills and make my next presentation with more creative ideas. For example, I have thought of a way to improve my presentation about the app. I could take a photo of myself or one of the classmates during my speech, and show the audience how to use the beauty camera app to edit this photo and save the edited photo. Then I can put the two photos together and show how different they are. In this way, the audience will be impressed by the effect of this app and may raise more attention and interest.

In conclusion, I need a lot of practice and the determination to practice persistently. Part TwoMy errors in this writing report focused on the grammar part and the sentence structure areas. I was consistently making mistakes about the tense, and using the word “that” in wrong ways. This may obstruct readers understanding of the situation, as the wrong usage of the tense may confuse the readers, whether the issues of the restaurant had already been solved or they still exist at present. In addition, I also did not well organize the whole report, the order of the sentences in some paragraphs needs adjustment, and I did not illustrate some main ideas clearly. Reader may feel confused reading my report and lose focus reading the repetition parts.

My inappropriate usage of some words did affect the clarify of the issues and the introduction of the purpose. I did not do a good on message translation either, some of the words and sentences were really confusing and did not give a clear explanation to the readers. Though there were mistakes in my report, I think my writing audience was focused. I have illustrated the issues and gave proper solutions in my report, and pointed out the result the restaurant may face without solving the issues soon. I believe that my readers would like to know more details about the issues and what kind of useful suggestions can be offered by the author. I think my readers can be convinced after reading my report. Despite the grammar errors and some logical flaws in my report, I still gave the readers a complete understanding of the whole situation, the mains issues, the negative effects and the useful suggestions.

My purpose of the writing this report has been achieved successfully, and the readers would be able to realize the importance of writing this report. I have found many grammar errors in my report after reading the edition made by the professor. I did not use the correct tense and the suitable verb form (in plural or in singular). In addition, I always forgot to keep the first letter of the restaurant’s name capitalized. What’s more, I have a bad habit of putting unnecessary words like “the”, “that” or “in” into my writing. I will give three examples of my grammar mistakes in my writing report.Example One: During my first paragraph, I wrote “There are some key points in where that canoe should be following in order to .

..” I forgot to capitalize the “c” in the restaurant’s name, and “in where” is unnecessary to this sentence. “should be followed” was also used wrongly. Example Two: in the second paragraph, I wrote “canoes can see work space at a glance because their employees have clean uniforms”. Again, the letter “c” needs to be capitalized, and the subject of this sentence should be changed from “canoes” to “Canoe’s employees”. To avoid repetition in one sentence, “their employees” should be shortened to “they”.

Example Three: I wrote “…canoe do not meet this requirement. Before leaving the company, the turkey is still on the plate…” Again, the “canoe” should be changed into “Canoe”, and I used the verb wrongly, “do” should be switched to “does” according the rules of using verbs. What’s more, as it is a problem happened in the past, instead of simple tense, I should change the verb “is” to its past tense “was”.

Together with the support from the professor and TA, I have listed all the grammar mistakes and corrected them. I have made the tense in my report consistent and corrected all the writing, spelling mistakes. I also have some difficulties in the effective sentence areas. I did not illustrate the issues in clear orders and some of my sentences were repeated in the writing report. Sometimes, I used the conjunctions wrongly and may confuse the readers in understanding the situation. During my writing, I did not do a good job on delivering information in the right orders and emphasize the important points. I have listed three examples in below:Example one: I wrote “However, their composition is well-organized…” There is no adversative relations between the former sentence and this one, so the conjunction word “however” is wrongly used at the beginning of this sentence.

Example Two: “they have clean uniforms”, “employees in clean uniforms”, “70 degrees or less”, “below 70 degrees”. During my report, I have repeated this sentence for more than three times. It has made my report tedious and the readers may lose their attention. I think I was out of words and did not organize the structure properly. Example Three: I did not put a paragraph summarize the important points of my whole report at the end of the paper. I did tell the readers that the restaurant will perform better in the future and gain customers’ satisfaction. However, it is better to summarize the content and give the readers an overall outcome of the report.

I really need to work on making thorough structures of the writing report. According to the given suggestions, I deleted the useless phrases and sentences and made changes to my structure of the report. I will also work on making my next report more complete.


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