Duterte`s promise. On relationship with China, he

Duterte`s banner program gets first mention. The war from illegal drugs, he says it will be “relentless” and “chilling as the day it began.” He also slammed human rights defenders who expressed opposition to his government`s anti-drug campaign that reportedly killed thousands of people.

Duterte also addressed that corruption must stop to improve delivery of services. He also warned government agencies to stop red tape. On Marawi siege, Duterte recognized soldiers and police who died fighting for the city. He said that government welcomes with open arms the terrorists who will surrender to the authorities. He also said budget for Mindanao is being increased. By the end of his term, he wants to see the fulfillment of his promise.

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On relationship with China, he said it has led to an unprecedented level of cooperation between nations on the war against transitional crimes.The iron-fist president shared admiration to our Filipino migrant workers for their selflessness and courage in enduring hardships of living away. Duterte also promised to restore environmental integrity of Boracay.

Duterte applauded the Congress for the immediate passing of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or the TRAIN law. Duterte also warned rice cartels to stop messing with the people. And also thank his Consultative Committee for their draft federal constitution. Insists that Filipinos will support the shift to a federal system of government.


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