E-commerce iZeno and SugarCRM to the Sugar

E-commerce business deal which is buyer and seller will agreement by electronic payment the internet for purchase and sale purpose. Price Digi telecom has overall electronic payment options with iPay88 and PayPal. MySimplified, a category Digi portal was forced use iPay88, so that mySimplifieds members can do business deal through the internet. Debit and Credit was provide to them via local bank. At the same time, the store launched to sellers accept the payment from payers with online channel.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy to management relationship interaction with customers and customers organizations. CRM is the most pivotal information in any company. With the end goal to control carry out of the organization, Digi Telecommunication decided relative with iZeno and SugarCRM to the Sugar professional site. SugarCRM is a supplier of business open source customers relationship management, called CRM software. It improve skill to achieve deeper analysis of CRM and with other company data collaborate. SugarCRM application are based on locked and proprietary solutions already selected overall 5000 customers. Software helps Digi Telecommunication in lead tracking and identity, program generation, account verification, approval matrix, contract generation, order fulfillment tracking, billing system integration and reporting


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