E-mail short and simple. Do not extend your

E-mail EtiquettesNowadays email has become one of the fastest way to communicate whether it is professionally or personally it doesn’t matter. Basically, an E-mail stands for Electronic Mail.But either it be personal or professional e-mail, some etiquettes must be followed:Do’sAlways introduce yourself in a clear manner.Always address in a professional manner.Always keep private material safe.Always keep the subject for your e-mail clear.Always crosscheck before sending so as to verify there aren’t any mistakes in your e-mail.Always use flags to highlight wherever necessary.Always try to keep your email address simple starting with your name as it is more professional.Don’ts Always avoid humorous sentences.Do not use capital letters in between as it portraits anger or shouting gesture.Do not exceed your signature always keep it short and simple.Do not extend your email too much and keep it straight forward sticking to the topic.Do not use slangs in email.


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