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Each child at childcare setting is assed with a key worker who makes observation of the child’s development. Monitoring child’s progress, planning activities and meeting child’s needs and interests help early years workers identify and recognize development delay on the early stage. Observations and assessments can highlight difficulties with particular areas of development. According to EYFS framework, there are two written assessments that should be completed: when the child is aged two ( 2 years progress check) and end of reception year.

When delay is suspected, it is essential to identify appropriate support for the child’s individual needs early to reduce the impact that delay may have on the child later. For example, a child with lack of speech and language find it difficult to play with other children, thus cause a delay in Personal Social and Emotional development, as a result of being frustrated or feeling isolated or not able to control their own behaviour. The faster child’s individual needs could be identified, the greater chance they don’t get left behind. High quality early intervention can change a child’s development trajectory and improve educational outcomes for children. For example, early intervention could make suggestions for an Individual Learning Plan, so the child will be assessed differently, achievable targets are set. It is the settings responsibility to adopt a graduate approach consisting of the following four stages: assess; plan; do and review.

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Early intervention can help children get right level of support and appropriated resources maximize the child’s abilities reach their full potential.For children, better social and emotional skills, communication, the ability to manage your own behaviour and mental health mean a stronger foundation for learning at school, an easier transition into adulthood, better job prospects, healthier relationships and improved mental and physical health.


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