Each against the superpower of Great Britain,

Each revolution was a rebellion against an alienated superpower that was situated across the Atlantic Ocean.

In the case of the American Revolution it was a revolt against the superpower of Great Britain, whilst the Haitian Revolution was an uprising against the power of France. Arrogance between the black slaves and the French continued to rise until August 1791 when slaves from Saint Domingue revolted against their landowners and sent the colony into a state of rebellion and civil war. Similarly, we can see how the people of America were oppressed and then compelled to revolt against their superior. The colonists were not being worked as slaves but rather were being affected financially heavily as Britain was trying to cover its costs for the French and Indian War by heavily taxing the colonies. Britain slowly started posting Acts which imposed ridiculously high taxes on the colonies. Both revolutions were successful in permanently gaining their independence and keeping it.

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On Jan 1804 Haiti was declared a free republic; the first to do so in Latin America. It had gained independence from France and gained rights for everyone including slaves so that they may live free also. In the American Revolution rights were only given to men, but that was the choice of the founding fathers and was not just any decision being forced upon them. In both revolutions, Enlightenment ideals encouraged both slaves and colonists to fight for freedom, equality, and justice. In the American Revolution, Britain held too much control over the colonists, while in the Haitian Revolution, the slaves’ owners completely controlled the slaves.


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