Edexcel needs. They are principles of care,

Edexcel Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care (Adults’ Management – 78043)LEAD PERSON-CENTRED PRACTISE.Unit 17: 1.1 Unit Code : HSCM1Student name: Petros JingaPerson centred care – the term person-centred is user focused, at the same time promotes independence and autonomy. This allows people who are getting cared for to have equal and big involvement when planning, developing and assessing their care needs. Service users and their family are involved in all decision making and all decisions are well explained to them. People are being dignity, compassion and respect in all decision making. They get all the support they need whilst promoting independence.

A care plan would produced after meeting with service users and their families, they can have their choices to suit their needs. They are principles of care, the manager and staff should have knowledge and understanding. 1.2 Critically review approaches to person -centred practice.In most cases where service users have got sort of strengths this has to be communicated very well during assessment and shared on partnership level. Some service users might be over confident of doing things they no longer capable of doing. Its their choice and rights to do them making them stop there should be a good approach. The service user should be explained the decision which is going to be taken.

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In the community service users receive package of care with allocated times and length of call. The conflict arise when service users ask things which are not in the care plan making carers overlap time. Though they have got right to their choices but this is something outside agreement. Besides being outside the budget, their choices may be limited they cannot change what has agreed to suits their needs of the day. The most common complaint in the community is service users they feel being rushed. In most cases allocated time does not suits service users’ need, when this happen we need to phone the named worker to get the care plan revised. This is not easy to put things together. As we are dealing with adults respect and dignity is needed, they are not supposed to be treated like a child.

They have got power to control their lives. Regarding the situation they may have, be it dementia, depression or a learning disability they have to be given time to make choices, like clothes needs, activity to do for a day, what to eat, that is.Some service users may have limited communication but a tailored easy pictures and colours to make decision could be used if its position. Otherwise all best way to communicate with the services users should be explored. Some services may not able to answer back but can hear all what you are saying so they will need that respect the time you are in their rooms. If service users are not feeling being respected or excising their own rights can trigger challenging behaviour.

Care worker has a duty of care to safeguard service users. 1.3 Analyse the effect of legislation and policy on person centred practiceThere are many legislations which have improved how people are being cared for in health care service providers. Main legislations includes Mental capacity, Diversity Act 2010, Equality Act and Human Rights Act 1998.


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