Education a person better in terms of spiritual

Education is a lifelong learning process that has been a part in our life for every individual because education is an important thing for everyone in the world should get educated.

Education would gives us a knowledge that will change something to be better because education has a big impact on the various human life opportunities to get and sustain the quality of life. It will develops us in a forward looking at life. Good education can make a person better in terms of spiritual and intellectual thinking. Nowadays, many students want to further their studies abroad. So when they are able to pursue their studies abroad, it is an achievement that can be proud of. In fact, study abroad or study local have their own uniqueness. They similar in term of nature of competitiveness however differ in fees, experiences as well as the influences on character.First of all,the major goal of studying local or abroad is to get either diploma, degree, master or phd.

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This is because either local or abroad universities provide almost same courses.Both local or abroad universities keep improve the quality of the universities itself so as to produce quality students for quality the jobs marketing in the future. So the the quality of the certificate are same. In example, the universities can improving facilities at university, hire quality lecturers and form a good learning method. In Malaysia, there are many school options such as Chinese schools, Tamil schools, private schools or government schools. Each school has a feature that can meet every student’s specific needs. therefore, students will make the choice to choose their school desires. Nevertheless local universities are good as international universities.

Then, in both local or abroad universities, we will study hard to finish our period of studies on time. In comparison, the most obvious different of study local and aboard is the cost required. This is an undeniable fact that study aboard require additional cost with the same education one will get.

Different countries have different currency rate. Usually, when we convert our currency to other’s currency, our value will become smaller. So we need more money to study abroad.If local students wanting to pursue their studies overseas, especially those with 4 seasons like korea, japan and australia, they are required to buy winter clothing due to different climate. In addition, students are unable to avoid high costs of transportation if they futher their study abroad.

As the further the country from our country, we need fight tickets which are expensive to reach our abroad universities. The prices of flight tickets are higher if the student buy the flight tickets on peak season or on that time in case we have an emergency to hometown.Next, normally students feel more comfortable in their motherland because they are familiar with the surroundings, cultures like mother tongue. So, the student are ablo to focus more on their studies since various problems such as communication problems, cultural differentiation have been excluded. However, local student who wants to further their study abroad need to get use the whole new environment. At the early time, the feeling of being alone and away from home will give a big impact on concentration on their study. Some of them even give up their studies because fail to get use themselves in the environment. However, the experience of staying abroad is a very valuable experience that cannot obtain in local.

By studying overseas, students are able to interact with many people with different culture and backgrounds. So they can learn about their culture, such as their food or what custom they wear.Last different of study abroad or local is self-development. When study abroad is the catalyst to increase student’s maturity and self independence compare to study local. By studying overseas, students will be living away from family and friends. Thus, students will learn to live without depending on anyone else.

Furthermore, students wil face their problems by their own. For example, they need to adapt new environment in the new country as soon as possible. As a result,students are stronger to face the challenges ahead.In short, studies local or study abroad have similarities and differences.

So students are able to compare the similarities or differences to decide where they want to study. If there has financial problem, studies locally are better because they have to use more money in abroad which is our currency rate is lower than them. Courses provide are also same as abroad universities.


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