Education to enable him/her to thrive efficiently in

Education is the basic catalyst that will bring about the development of an individual and the society.

It is globally accepted as a process that enhances the physical, intellectual, moral, political, social and technological development of an individual in order to enable him/her to thrive efficiently in any environment he/she finds him/herself (Chibiko & Obiefuna, 2016).The National Policy on Education (2004) in accordance with the national goals and philosophy of education states that every Nigerian child shall have a right to equal educational opportunities irrespective of any real or unimagined disabilities each according to his or her ability. The provision of equal access to educational opportunities for all citizens of the country at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels both inside and outside the formal system is, therefore, the objective of the policy. This philosophy is in consonance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which asserts that everyone has a right to education. The key human rights requirement is that education should be a public responsibility, funded by tax-payer fund.

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It should not only be a free public service but a freely traded service. When university education was accessible as a matter of right, students’ enrolments world-wide increased six-fold from 13 million in 1960 to 82 million in 1995. The rupture of the trend was announced by the World Bank in 1994 (Tomasevski, 2003).


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