Education analyzes and I’m willing to hear

Education is a powerful tool that enables an individual to gain the knowledge, ability and self-confidence necessary to empower themselves. Although education tends to come in different forms education provides an intrinsic value that allows the individual to succeed beyond economic growth, by gaining the knowledge that would allow the individual to overcome adversity and growth by seeking different challenges. I personally agree with Dr.

Martin Luther King JR. who once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education” Education is considered to be the key to success that can empower the individual; however, education can only provide different opportunities to those individuals that go beyond the classroom and inquire about different challenges.Dr. King lived in a segregated time, allowing blacks to have restrain freedom and many viewed them as less than humans. However, we all have a purpose no matter what ethnicity, gender, sexual-orientation, race and special circumstances one is.

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Education is a powerful tool and no one can take that away, but thinking critical is what allows one to develop character and for one to not be passed learner. What Dr. King said relates to my involvement with my community. I have recently been involved with the immigrant community advocating for DACA/TPS and for legislators to pass a clean dream Act.

I have been involved with the organization Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) and California Dream Network (CDN). I have personally seen the impact it has on my family, community and students at CSULA. I recently had the opportunity to traveled to Washington, D.

C and speak to legislators who represent California and demand to include a clean dream act in their budget, one that would not impact or harm the parents of the “Dreamers”. I have been involved in events and informed my community what services CSULA offers either workshops or legal help and I make sure to share it with friends and family. Being active and serving my community not only has raised my political awareness, but it has allowed me to become a more responsible and appreciate the leaders that are advocating for a better tomorrow. Dr. King was able to influence his community and change the history of this country. Dr. King didn’t just settle he influence and challenged those with a fixed mindset he had character and devotion which are some of the characteristics that a critical thinker express and I myself believe to have a mindset of a critical thinker.

I make my own critical analyzes and I’m willing to hear and learn from someone’s point of view and challenge them. I think is good when I challenge someone not because I want them to agree with me, but because is important to analyze how someone came up with their conclusions. I’m not just a sponge who observes information, but I make sure to ask questions and make my own decision.

Character is what allows me to be active in my community and be exposed to others who do not agree with me.


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