Edward until September 23, 1806 from St Louis

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CardHistoryLewis and Clark ExpeditionThe Lewis and Clark Expedition is an important day to the nation’s history. Thomas Jefferson gave Lewis Meriwether and Clark William to go beyond the Appalachian Mountains to explore what’s past the mountains, to find out the resources, climate, surroundings, Indians, their clothing, etc. This expedition started May 14, 1804 to March 23, 1806.During the expedition they suffered consequences of their actions, which lead to the cause and effects, and the significance to the whole expedition.The Lewis and Clark expedition was taken on by Lewis Meriwether, and William Clark. The trip took place on May 14, 1804 until September 23, 1806 from St Louis Missouri The expedition took place over near 8000 miles in the course of 2 and ½ years only covering about 10-20 miles a day.

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While pushing a pulling a 10 ton keelboat. While on. Their trip Lewis discovered 178 new plants as well as 122 new animals. They2 experienced dysentery, venereal disease, boils, tick bites, and injuries from prickly pear yet only one perished over the course of the journey. “It will be a long and cold journey Clark said but we will make it no matter what happens”(Lewis).` Another primary objective involved diplomacy with native Americans.

“The expedition held councils with the Indians in which in which the corps had military parades, handed out peace medals, flags and gifts, delivered speeches, promised trade and requested intertribal peace”(Clark 2). They soon arrived at the Mandan and Hidatsa villages where they would spend the winter. They prepared maps and artifacts for the journey ahead. Sacagawea would also continue their journey with them. When they continued their journey in the spring they headed up the river but they came to a point where they had to stop? There were two forks dividing the river and they weren’t sure if it was the north fork or the left. The captains insisted on it being the north while everyone else said south.

But they ended up going north and named the south fork Marias. They soon ended up at the top of the river. “On this day we mark the day we met with Sacagawea”(Lewis). “I have been wet and as cold in every part as I ever was in my life, indeed I was at one time fearful my feet would freeze in the thin mocker sons which I wore”(Clark 5). Cold and hungry the expedition finally spilled out of the mountains. Thomas Jefferson had given orders for the to come back and rest till the winter ended.

When the winter ended they set out to finish their journey up north.The Corps of Discovery split into two groups with Lewis leading one group up the Blackfoot river and Clark leading another group up the Bitterroot River. Then he will continue to go up Marias River. He soon finds out that Marias River does not go far enough up north. Lewis is then shot by a member of his own party.

And then the two groups rejoin on the Missouri river. After this the journey was finally over. “I have been wet and as cold in every part as I ever was in my life, indeed I was at one time fearful my feet would freeze in the thin mocker sons which I wore”(Clark 5). ?


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