Effective effective lines of communication will quickly

Effective communication is essential in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships within the work place.

Managers who invest time and energy into delivering clear and effective lines of communication will quickly build a stronger trust with employees; this in turn will lead to an increase of staff morale, motivation and productivity. Managers must ensure that their message is clear and accessible to the appropriate audience. Good communication skills go beyond conversations, managers must be able to communicate well in written reports and also emails.The communication process (cycle) states how the system of conveying and understanding messages operates.The sender decides what their message is, how it will be communicated and sent, and who the receiver is.

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The message should be kept simple and direct and all content should be thoroughly checked for accuracy. There are many things that managers should consider when encoding a message:1. The message should be kept simple and clear.

2. Eliminate sources of confusion (missing out information, making assumptions and cultural issues i.e. language barriers).3. Know your target audience, and take time to anticipate places where breakdowns may happen.The channel through which the message is sent can affect the end result as well. Some messages are more effective in writing i.

e. reports, emails, handouts; others delivered face to face or simply by picking up the telephone.When the receiver gets the message, the process of decoding begins. They must filter out all distractions and take time to digest the entire message. It is important that the recipient doesn’t jump to conclusions or simply make assumptions; they must solely rely on the information given. Errors in decoding may result if the receiver isn’t sure that they fully understand the message.

Requesting feedback is an important part of the communication process (cycle). Feedback shouldn’t just be the negative aspects of the message; positive responses to the sender’s clarity and other good qualities are always important and appreciated as these help the sender to be even more efficient in the future.


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