Effective is acceptable in the school environment. Communication

Effective communication is very important as it helps to develop strong and positive relationships. Having a strong bond with parents/carers engages and involves them in their child’s learning.

This in turn will benefit the pupil, as information and beneficial support will more likely be given. Positive relationships with parents/carers will build better relationships with pupils as when children can see respect between adults they will likely follow suit. Effective communication ensure important information will be passed on to the relevant people and prevents misunderstanding which could lead to bad feelings and/or bad working relationships between adults and boundary break downs with the pupils. It is important for pupils that we model effective communication skills ourselves, making it clear what is acceptable in the school environment.

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Communication is more than just the words that we speak, and most of the time non-verbal communication speaks much louder than words. The ways in which we express ourselves through gestures/body language, facial expressions can at times have more impact than words themselves. For example, if a parent came in to talk to us regarding their child and I was stood with my arms crossed, not making eye-contact, and sighing it would come across very rude. It would look as though I didn’t have the time or interest for the conversation and would put a barrier in the way for any future liaisons.


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