Effective , for the better understanding of

Effective listening can be define as a skill with the basic ability to listen ( active listening ) rather than passive listening by understanding the information provided by the speaker. Pertinent questions shall be asked for the better and clear understanding of the listener.The first thing that should follow is , the listener must act like a good listener .The following step is to look at the speaker closely ,syncing with the nonverbal signals sent out from the speaker.

When the eye contact is been started , it is assumed that the listener is engaged with the speaker 100% of the conversation.Level of listening to be discussed here , for the better understanding of the different phases of listeners. The top level of listening is emphatic listening .Emphatic listening need more patient , talk less and listen more. The next level is attentive listening. Which this type of listeners gives more priority on which is wrong and right instead of paying attention to the speaker. The third level is pretend listening , where the listener acting as they listening to the speaker , but reality there are not listening at all.The lowest level of listening is basically ignoring.

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Active listening is meant as a fundamental communication technique with the core element of concentration , understanding and as well as responding .Effective listening should be always incorporated with active listening .Hence , it can be more beneficial when the listening pay attention towards the speaker .The benefits to be earned of being active listening can be assess through few point. Listeners able to collect facts before making decisions. Conversation which holds a heavy element of effective listening shall always able to gather data instead of having an assumption based on possibilities .If the listeners failed to listen the points by the speaker , listeners may be worried on what they going to say , it will lead more into the own thoughts of the listener while communicating .

The next to be discuss is, building interpersonal relationship between listeners and speakers.Listeners with active attention towards speaker helps to gain respect and more precisely trust of the listener and yet more valued by the speaker. Good listeners shall always initiate and come up with a resolution or remedy for issue/problem/conflict easily.Listeners may able to assess and recognize the contribution of the speaker. Contribution in terms of energy , ideas , efforts can be recognize and ended up with a pleasure learning that the listeners my did not know before.


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