EFFECTS read newspapers listen to the radio and

EFFECTS OF MEDIA TO THE YOUTHPeople uses media is nowadays. Every day people all over the world watch TV, read newspapers listen to the radio and use Internet and this way to get information, by the use of media. Young people are influenced by the media. Advertisements about alcohol, cigarettes and junk food have negative impact on young adults and children. And there are sometimes that involved violence get from different types of media. The problems that I have said is the importance of study the impact of media to the youth. Negative impacts of the mass media on children are out of doubt. More information is needed in order to get the idea about the possible happenings of this situation.

Government should give an attention to this problem. It is necessary to inform parents about the problem. There are some ways to prevent or to stop this problem. Government should implement regulation of media contents, so that freedom of media and monitoring can help to protect children but at the same time it can create affect the freedom of speech. It should have a penalties for media, who will break the limits and giving information that is not true which children can absorb. Warning parents through campaigns can be another solution. This will become a reminder for parents and help them to control using media which is available for them.

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Every day we can see advertisements of cigarettes, alcohol products and junk food. This advertisements have a big impact to the youths, where men and women smoke, drink or eat unhealthy food. This advertisements could have a negative effect on the mental health of the youths and this negative impact can have absorb by when we speak to young. Maybe youths put on their mind that it is good for them. They feel that having these products is useful. They get information every day from social media.Food advertisements also create danger to young people.

Advertisements of unhealthy food have negative impact on youths. The information that they get from the food advertisement of slim and sporty bodies creates argument in the minds of youths. In other social media have a positive effects on youth.

They can use this as a reliable source for an information like looking for jobs.


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