Egypt of. Learning about time started off with

Egypt is considered the most important civilization for many reasons. First of all, Egyptians were good at building boats, they were the first civilization able tell time, and lastly, they invented mummification. Egyptian technology was really advanced for civilizations in B.C. For example, an Egyptian pyramid was really complicated to construct.

With the help of levers they could bring blocks to the pyramid and use other simple machines to build things like boats. According to the handout about Egyptian advancements it says that this invention was one that many people use to get across bodies of water. It was a boat. The first boat was created under the leadership of Queen Hatshepsut.

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She ordered five ships to be crafted that are each seventy feet long with several sails.In the handout about the advancements of Egypt it states that time was probably the most important thing that the Egyptians kept track of. Learning about time started off with the flooding every spring.

It took the Egyptians some time to figure out when to prepare for the flooding. The Egyptians then split the day up into twenty-four parts which are now known as hours. Eventually they split it up again in to two parts of twelve. They called them the “period of complete darkness” and the “period of light.” The most amazing thing that Egypt did that no other civilization did was mummify their rulers. The process of mummification was seven steps.

The most important steps were when they put the book of the dead next to the person. Another step was the final wrap with an Isis knot to protect the body’s journey through the underworld. They did this because of the gods they believed in. Osiris the god of the dead was in the afterlife. The afterlife was like heaven and the underworld. Not everybody got to go there. Anubis god of the underworld would take the heart of the dead body and weigh it against a feather.

If the heart was heavier that meant the person would not go to the underworld, if the oppositeIn conclusion, Egyptians made much advancement that we learn from the past and that’s why it was chosen that Egypt was one of the most important civilizations. These advancements were boats, time and mummificatio


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