Eighner’s considers the “Dumpster diving” word “too

Eighner’s eloquence and extensive vocabulary reveal a man who takes pride in what he has
learned as a dumpster diver, and who uses this knowledge to subvert about his
lifestyle. He cites several examples of his experience as a dumpster diver. He started
dumpster diving one year before he becomes homeless.

Eighner demonstrates that dumpster diving is an art when he says “the finding of objects is
becoming something of an urban art” 14. Despite a person having a good and respectable
job, they may also find a very attractive stuff sticking outside the dumpster. He is very
particular about the words used for him. Eighner favours the word “scavenging” 13 for
himself instead of “foraging” 13. In addition, he considers the “Dumpster diving” word “too
cute” 14. He regards his job as “honorable niche” 14. He thinks that he leads a contented
consumer life.

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His phrase “less wasteful consumer, owing to what I have learned as a scavenger” 14 adores
his profession as he learns appreciating the value of thrown food. From the beginning of the
essay, he hates the extravagant waste. He points out that “Since it is Daddy’s money, the
student decides not to take a chance” 16. Thus, he feels that students throw valuable stuff
carelessly and ignorantly.

He is in love with his profession. He enjoys his profession rather than complaining about it,
he asserts that, “I am always very pleased when I can turn up exactly the thing I most wanted
to find” 21. He communicates that his activity is beneficial and profitable. He finds
contentment in the things he finds in the dumpsters.

Eighner attempts to subvert stereotypes about his occupation. He tries to raise his existence
by telling about his ethical behaviour. He recites that he finds private information from
dumpsters but he really does not care about it. In this context, “Despite all of this sensitive
information” 19 is very operative phrase. //He does not trust all eatables he collects from the
dumpsters. He is suspicious of the things thrown out in good condition. On the other side, he
is satisfied with the bad food. Furthermore, “never tasted the rum” phrase tells that he cares
about his moral etiquettes and consider it as a curse.

It is evident from the phrases, “long and comfortable old age” 20 and “wisdom of animals”
that he is very sensible in case of his dog. This shows that he is a very kind-hearted and
sensitive person. He does not differentiate people on the basis of their wealth. He dives into
food from the rich and poor areas. In this regard, “The rich students discard perfectly good
kiwi; poorer people discard perfectly good apples” 18 phrase is actual.

Eighner takes pride in his profession. The phrase “I learned to scavenge gradually on my own” 17 tells that he feels that dumpster diving is also a profession which is required to be successful. Despite not living a lavish lifestyle, he compares himself of the world class people when he writes “I think this is an attitude I share with the very wealthy— we both know there is plenty more where we have came from” 22.
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