Elinor for the sick, elderly, and poor.

Elinor Omrany 6th period10 – 19 – 2018IntroHook:Background Information:Thesis: The Puritan work ethics were formed the way they were because they believed that they believed God’s hands were in everything and males as well as females had several different parts in everyday chores.Body Paragraph 1Transition/Topic Sentence: Like many other religious groups, Puritans believed in God and Satan; good and bad. Evidence/Main Point: Puritans thought that you had to work according to God and His plans for you.

Puritan work ethics were strongly disciplinary, and therefore gave a unlimited amount of sacrifice and dedication in their work. Putting God first, and putting everything else aside was a reccurrent Puritan theme, and if was not unusual to see females doing their chores without complaint. Females did “household” chores such as cleaning houses, making beds, or caring for the sick, elderly, and poor.

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Puritan were depended on to keep their family in sync with one another, and it is often them who kept the house in a living state. Analysis/Elaboration:Concluding Sentence:


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