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Emeka Elvis IkejiInstructor: Jessica SotoIntro Interpersonal Communication COM 1208 September 2018Extrovert-IntrovertThe characteristics of extraversion and introversion are central dimension terms of human personality classification. Extraversion is not about someone being loud and introversion does not depict a person has been shy. It basically the dimensions people get their energy and motivation either from other people companies or within themselves. The term extravert denotes an adjective describing a person or people being outgoing, sociable, friendly and unreserved. The way an extrovert gets his or her energy is outward, towards people and things.

They sometimes need a huge amount of stimulation and often times express their emotion outwardly. An extrovert gets their motivation and Morales from being with other people at all times. And they are considered emotionally backward when they are alone. They possess this tendency to want to change the world. People that are extravert like variety, action and aim for achievement. They are seen to be a good academic student but find the university more difficult.

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Their attitude is considered more reflective of their disposition and they are very confident. They are understandable and very accessible to individuals. Based on the disposition of an extrovert they have the tendency of acting first and think later. With their work ethic, they are considered team players often in the company of another coworker, and they prefer works that have breath rather than depth.In the case of an introvert, they get their energy inward, towards their personal concepts and ideas. Their motivations and morals are gain by spending quality time by themselves.

Their batteries get drained when they are in the company of other people, An introvert needs little or no external motivation. People that are introvert focus more on their inner strength and world; this is because they suffer from sensory overload if they spend too much time outside and focusing on other people. They are secretive in nature and hide most of their emotions and they are easily irritated.

An introvert is not interested in how to change the world; only want to understand it. They are considered deep thinker and often do better in the university than they did at school. An introvert has a reserved attitude toward everything and can seem subtle and impenetrable. They intend to think first before acting. Within a work environment, they tend to work alone and often seek quiet space for concentration and chose to seek workload that is more tasking My scores were 54 percent, I think base on my disposition I fall under introvert class with a little touch of extravert trace. I am not too reclusive I love to be in the company of others but not too quite often. I guess the score I got was a true evaluation of my trait of being introvert with a little touch of extravert characteristic. I consider myself a lone learning but I can still adjust to working in groups if the situation strictly requires it.

I don’t like going out quite often, but I would leave my house if the occasion calls for it. I don’t consider myself secretive and I am open to other people’s ideas and perspective.The way my personality trait has impacted my personal relationship with other has been remarkable. Since I am not completely reclusive and secretive. I have been open to start and maintain a cordial relation with virtually every individual I have dealt with based on respect, tolerant and mutual trust. I am open to others viewpoints and ideas. I have a huge tendency of being patient, less irritated and somewhat consider myself in some aspect a team player.

My personality traits have no negative effects on my ability to work successfully with other as a team. Despite the fact I consider myself a lone learner, I am open to others approach on the job-related discussion. I am flexible to adapt to changing circumstances wherein certain work-related tasks I and my coworker are required to work either in a pair or as a team.

I treat my coworker with respect, I am mindful of my words and I take time to think out the consequents of my action before taking them.Based on the evaluation report I got on my personality trait, I think I am communicating strength rather than weakness, because my rapport with other individual is totally based on mutual respect with a deep sense of cultural differences.The specific steps I would be taking to improve my personal and professional skills would be to engage more in communication with people of verse background and cultural orientation to understand the distinct difference in our cultural context and communication. To be more tolerant and respectful of others.Based on the foregoing, I would conclude that; despite the fact, extraverts may sometimes see the introverts as being shallow and pushy and extravert considers introvert as being egocentric and passive. The personal disposition any individual has should only be seen in the light of how they get their energy and motivation, either in the company others or themselves


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