EMKAY a middle manager is a functional

EMKAY Group is one of Malaysia’s premier property developers involved in a residential, commercial properties, office buildings and resort development. I choose one leader in this an organization which is Encik Megat Hasnol Rizwa. His position in EMKAY Group as a manager of marketing group. Manager of marketing group can be categorized in a middle manager. Middle management is the intermediate leadership level of a hierarchical organization, being subordinate to the top management but above the lowest levels of operational employees.

His job responsibility as a middle manager is a functional managers. Functional managers is the manager who have to take responsibility for one department in an organization like marketing department, production department and others. For an example Encik Megat Hasnol Rizwa have authority to marketing department because he is the manager of the department.

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So, the team will follow all the direction by Encik Megat and they will have the same background of training and they also will be perfume the same task.?


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