Emma athletics and rowing, including hockey. In 1999,

Emma Watson was born on April 15, 1990, in Paris. Her parents are English lawyers -Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. Her parents eventually separated and soon after their divorce Emma moved with her mother and brother.

She went to Dragon School in Oxford, where she began participating in several school plays. Since she was four She played several sports such as athletics and rowing, including hockey. In 1999, Her acting career was boosted when she received the role of Hermione in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

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Only nine years old at the time, producers were impressed by her confidence as she auditioned. The movie was a hit and for her great acting skills in the film she won the Young Artist Award for Leading Young Actress(Astrumpeople). Emma Watson dedicated herself to other fields besides acting such as modeling: 2009-she modeled clothes from Burberry. In 2010, she became the face of Burberry’s spring collection with her brother. In May 2013, Watson was on the cover of British GQ, later she posed naked for project Natural Beauty by James Houston a photographer and activist. She often attends photo shoots, but does not see herself doing this seriously. This is thought to have sparked her activist career(Astrumpeople). Emma Watson fights for women’s rights, she has visited several places such as Bangladesh and Zambia to promote girls education.

During a break from acting she “visited Uruguay for the first time as the Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women”. In Uruguay she gave a speech addressing how women need to participation in politics. Later she hosted the kick off for the HeForShe campaign in September 2014. Her speech she had “a deeply personal and heartfelt” feeling as she talked about Feminism.

HeForShe was created in January 2011 its main goal was to stop “discrimination against women in twelve major areas of modern life such as education, health, employment, human rights and others”. In 2015, for her efforts Emma Watson received both The Campaigner of the Year and the Observer Ethical Award of 2015(Fortune). Even as her acting and modeling career progressed she never let that interfere with her education. In 1998, Emma started her studies at the Dragon School in Oxford however she stopped because she received her role in the Harry Potter series. She continued her education from 2003 to 2007, where she attended the Headington School in Oxford. In 2009, Emma Watson decided to try and finish her education and applied to Brown University. Miss Watson’s studies focused on history, philosophy, and English literature. However, due to her involvement in the last part of the Harry Potter series, her education had to be put on hold.

In 2012, she enrolled into Brown University for the second try after two years. Despite all the breaks she had to take Miss watson finished her education in May of 2014 earning a bachelor’s degree in English Literature.


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