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Employee job satisfaction in the workplace is one of the important objectives of human resource management and practitioners for better performance and productivity. Job satisfaction is a psychological state of human mind and it is subjective to individual experience and expectation, which locus of control often plays an influential role. The term locus of control can be considered, a combination of one’s values, beliefs, past experiences, and cultural influence of one’s life and behavior. A person’s locus is conceptualized as either internal (the person believes they can control their life) or external (meaning they believe that their decisions and life are controlled by environmental factors which they cannot influence). Locus of control belongs to the core self-evaluation elements of personality, and believes to have a direct impact on job satisfaction. A sense of psychological control is considered to be an important dispositional factor of workplace behaviors.
While many BPO employees may believe that they are doing all they can to achieve their account’s demand and sustain their key performance indicator (KPI) scores, their effectiveness may be impacted by personal characteristics such as locus of control. Locus of control may be an underlying construct either aiding or hindering their effectiveness as employee that might be affecting their job satisfaction. Rotter (1966) believed that Individuals behave differently, depending on the degree of perceived ability to control circumstances in their lives. With that, it is likely to infer that the employee may not react in the same way when he or she is not satisfied with the job situation.
The goal of this study is to investigate the connection between Locus of Control and level of Job Satisfaction among BPO Agents of Sutherland Davao. This research aims to identify the employees’ locus of control, either internal or external and investigate its relation to employees’ job satisfaction.


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